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UK Holidays for Beach Lovers

Whether you sound poorer for wear, need a pick-me-up or just searching for change of scenery, nothing is better than a good old’ fashioned coastal holiday. Crisp fresh air, blue flag beaches, rocky roads with some of the best landscapes in Britain – what’s not to like. Anyway, read down and discover the UK’s finest coastal holidays!


Beach Retreats have luxury holiday homes on the beaches of Cornwall and Devon. Dorset Coastal Cottages has 220 holiday homes on the county’s beaches and East Anglia has more than 1,000 private beach houses and hotels.

The cottages in the bay are equipped with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean, the sea and the beach, as well as a variety of beautiful beaches.

Kill offers a wide range of cozy cottages on the coast, such as the beautiful cottage by the sea or the cozy, rustic cottage at the end of a beach.

This holiday home is located on the beach, just minutes from the coast and the sea. Our cottages are located along the coast of South Devon, and we are proud to offer a range of self-catering holiday rentals in Devon, as well as private and public accommodation for rent.

UK Most beautiful beach

Britain has many places that look like really beautiful beaches or hidden beauty that looks like they have been copied from the pages of a Caribbean travel brochure.

This part of the peninsula is home to some of Wales “most beautiful beaches and one of its most popular tourist attractions.

British beaches may not guarantee sunny weather further afield, but the British coast boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the world – and the best beach in North Yorkshire, Camber Sands is one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK and the perfect place to sunbathe. 

Pentle Bay is one of the most beautiful shells – scattered beaches in the UK and the perfect place to sunbathe.

UK Seaside Towns

From the Riviera – inspired by Portmeirion – to stunning beaches in the South West of the UK, the latest list of the UK’s 20 best seaside resorts shows that Wales is also one of the favourite places for a holiday. 

Devon and Cornwall are famous for their beautiful beaches, but it is the classic coastal towns that seem to be the most popular destination for tourists in the south-west of the UK. 

On the British coast, you can’t beat a holiday, as you’ll find a number of great beaches, good coastal towns to camp in and plenty of restaurants and shops.

More than 3,700 visitors told us about their favourite coastal towns, villages and resorts, putting St Mawes in Cornwall at the top of the table.

Devon and Cornwall have three reasons to celebrate, and all of this is revealed in our list of Britain’s top ten most popular coastal cities.

Coastal Holidays in the UK

The south coast includes parts of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Kent, Essex. Cornwall and West Sussex and includes some of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, such as the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Great Britain is bordered by beautiful beaches, many of which are on the south coast. The charm of the place could simply be the typical English holiday spot to visit, and there is even a functioning lighthouse at the end of a long stretch of beach, as well as a number of excellent restaurants. 

Gower, in Peninsular South Wales, is the most popular holiday destination in the UK and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is wonderfully maintained and a great place for groups, families and couples.

Seaside Resorts in the UK

Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire was voted the best place in Britain to picnic with family, friends or even just for a day at the beach. 

Portrush’s Dunluce Castle in County Antrim is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Britain and a great place to go for a day trip. 

On the south coast of England, between Seaford and Eastbourne, Seven Sisters is the perfect place to start one of the best beach holidays in the UK. 

Visit the Royal Navy Museum and the much-used bandstand at the RNLI Museum, or hike around the cliff and spend a few hours at sea – time at one of the many beaches, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Isle of Wight Beach

Also known as Lake Beach, this is a sandy beach overlooking Sandown Bay and with great views of the Isle of Wight and the Great Barrier Reef to the east.

This beach is very popular for all kinds of water sports, and there is a designated water sports zone, and the beach itself is a very popular destination for many residents and visitors to the Isle of Wight. The beach near Whitecliff Bay is the easternmost part of the Isle of Wight and a good shallow sandy beach.

Compton Bay is a golden sand beach stretching south of the Isle of Wight, south of the Freshwater Bay. Totland Bay is full of shops and restaurants, such as the local pub, and there is a good selection of restaurants and drink stalls selling everything you need for a perfect family beach day.

Tioran Cottage, Eilean Shona

There is still time to book Viking Cottage to enjoy this very special coastline and enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight in the morning.

On the way, stop at the shop in Salen for a quick lunch and delicious local food and drinks, then head back to Lomond by private boat.

The cottage does not act like a slipway, so be prepared to jump off the rocky shore, but it is a great place for a quick dip in the water and good views. 

Kilchoan is located on the south coast of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and is a particularly beautiful part with views to the Sound of Mull. That was when we arrived at our final destination of the day, Tiaran Cottage in Glenuig, a small village off the coast of Muck.

Deal Beach, Kent

This sheltered sandy bay is one of the best beaches in Britain and is considered the best place for families as it stretches for about 200 miles (321.87 km) and offers the ultimate British bathing experience.

Channel swimmers begin their swim at Deal Beach in Kent, just a few miles from the coast, and the sheltered beach is considered one of the best in the UK.

Surrounded by tall chalk cliffs, it is located in Joss Bay and Botany Bay, which are surrounded by a series of rocky cliffs and a sandy beach on the south side of the bay.

This beach park is a must-see if you visit the area, and when we stayed at the Kent Hotel, there was the famous Lummus Park, which remains a popular spot for modelling and other outdoor activities.

Lummus Park is a great place for the whole family and is pet friendly, but there is also the Blue Flag, which means it is absolutely safe for swimming and a long sandy beach.

Sussex  Beach

West Sussex is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, if I may say so myself, and if you are looking for a great place to swim, sunbathe, picnic or just relax, I would be happy to say that we have them all.

The beach, located on the east side of Worthing Pier, is a 5 km stretch of pebble interspersed with groynes gently dropping into the sea.

Considered by many to be one of the best beaches in West Sussex, it is heading for a beautiful sandy beach. The pebbles of Felpham Beach are located on the south and west corners of Brighton Beach and Brighton & Hove Beach, just off the north and east coasts of Sussex. 

South Lancing is a pebble beach between Shoreham Sea and Worthing, and the beach itself is perhaps the most beautiful of all Sussex beaches, with sloping pebbles and shores leading to a shallow sandy beach exposed at low tide.

Suffolk Beach

From Nassau County to Suffolk County, residents and visitors have many opportunities to walk along the coast, from the Nassaus County Boardwalk to the Long Island Rail Road and even the Atlantic Ocean. 

Last year, Tanner Park beach had one of the highest bathing days in Suffolk and Nassau counties. 

Cornwall Beach

If you’re looking for a place to spend a family holiday, or perhaps one of the best surfing beaches in Britain, then look no further than the coasts of South Wales, Cornwall, Devon. 

The North Cornwall coast has a number of Blue Flag beaches, which are a great opportunity for you and your little ones to try something out.

Choose a place to visit: choose from a variety of places, from small towns and villages in the heart of Cornwall to the sea – beaches and seaside resorts that are bursting at the seams. 

South Cornwall is a great place for a coastal holiday, as it has a number of small, attractive beaches. Surrounded by stunning high cliffs, sand and dunes, this beautiful, long beach is one of Cornwall’s most popular surf beaches and a great place to snorkel and dive.

Tenby North Beach

North of Tenby there is a golden sandy beach dotted with small houses, shops, cafés, restaurants and shops. The beach offers a magnificent view of Carmathern Bay and is just steps from the north of the cliff top.

With breathtaking views, it sits atop the cliffs overlooking the harbour and the north beach. Castle Beach is located in what is considered one of the most popular tourist spots in Tenby North Beach.

Tenby South Beach is a sand dune beach with a beach volleyball court and a few picnic tables, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in the area.

Can You Get All Inclusive Holidays in the UK Beaches

All-inclusive holidays in the UK are great value for money, with luxury hotels and stunning beaches galore. One of the most family-friendly resorts is the popular resort in Northumberland, which has some of the UK’s most beautiful beaches, and we love its family-friendly hotels, restaurants and shops. 

If you can’t stop thinking about the sun, sand and sea, then it’s time for a summer holiday on the beach. To help you book your beach holiday for summer, we’ve rounded up the ten best all-inclusive deals in the UK. 

While you may feel lazy on the beach, you should try to make the most of your time in UK with one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations.

Rhossilli Bay

Rhossili Bay, in south Wales, is a curved bay with a beacon on the sand, with a sandy coastline and a number of sandy beaches.

If you want to explore the coast, take the South West Coast Path, which takes you through breathtaking panoramic coastal views and also gives you access to hidden coves and beaches.

This beach regularly tops the list of areas around the peninsula, with a number of sandy beaches along the coast. If you want to explore further, check out our beach map for a list of the best beaches in Devon and Cornwall and the most popular beaches on the Isle of Wight.