Big Family Get Togethers

How To Host The Best Big Family Get-togethers

Big family get-togethers are important to keep the whole family connected. As life goes on and we all grow, family members get married,  move away or they get busy trying to work on creating a career. Therefore, family reunions and get-togethers are the opportunity to get back together again. 

However, planning and executing the get together doesn’t usually come easy. When planning a get-together, you need a number of items, and if you want it to be a fun, thrilling and pleasant one, preparation is important.

Planning Family Get-Togethers

For any family get-together, there are some essentials you have to have ready- Venue, meals, and activities. These are essentials that make up the ideal family gathering, together with some others. Therefore, if you’re planning to host a family get together anytime soon. Here are a few suggestions to cut prices. 

Consider a theme

Depending on factors such as the time of the year, the family’s interest, or location, you can pick a theme. In that context, consider your theme, whatever the occasion. Answering the question of how you want that event to be celebrated can help a lot in determining the theme.  It could be a country side get together or wildlife get-together.


When you have a large number of people in one place coming together, the location matters. It must be big enough to accommodate, but not to break the bank, either. One great idea to remember is a place for the public. If everyone doesn’t fit into your house why not take the group to an accommodating location? You may also book hotels in advance, or check out other available locations.


Where there are people, then there should be food. For big family get together meals, you have a lot of options. You can hire a caterer, schedule the meals to be cooked by family members, or have your food brought in.  


If you have a large family, planning your get together by text or call can be exhausting. Word of mouth doesn’t function, either. Ever tried playing the “telephone” game?”But did you know that you are free to create and send ecards?You don’t have to sacrifice style with free e-cards, like you would in a text. And you can give everybody up front all the info without getting lots of calls to question. 

Important Things To Remember When You’re Hosting A Big Family Get Together

If you plan to have a big family get-together, these realistic party hosting tips will help to keep the gathering fun and stress-free.

Make a meal timetable and share cooking responsibilities

Share the load if your accommodation leaves the cooking (and cleaning) to you. That is what family is for, right? Assign the important dinner of every night to an alternate individual from the family. Choose in advance whether groceries will be bought together or independently. 

Make an activity agenda

Only one out of every odd family member will have a similar interest, yet since you are hosting a family get-together, plan at least one event a day for everybody to partake in together. This movement might be as simple as a family walk or as complex as a family photography or hunt, based on interests, age, and versatility. Have extra options for an ordinary activity in which family individuals will enter voluntarily. 

Book group visits and encounters

Book a class, visit, or experience that will be new (and open) to all in the gathering, for example, a cooking class, music class or a small recital. 

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Recruiting and Delegating

Nobody can manage every aspect of a family reunion. Surround yourself with Committee members who are capable and enthusiastic. As the chairperson, you will be overseeing the event, managing communications between committees, coordinating volunteers—and sometimes playing the peacemaker. 

Offer something to all

Provide different activities to meet the ages and interests of everyone present. You can also make optional outings to historic sites such as golf, excursions,or mall trips. Come up with outdoor and indoor activities for children. Teenagers can arrange games for younger kids.

Stay connected

Staying connected during the get-together may be easy, however after the get-together it becomes harder.  Have arrangements to stay in contact after the get together. There are various ways to do this. You could use the option of a family blog or a family newsletter. You can make daily members end the latest news or information, to be collated by volunteers, and sent out. You can also come up with a Facebook group or a website.

Unique Get Together Destinations Ideal For Families

Vacating in the UK can be quite an exciting adventure. It doesn’t matter if you already live in the United Kingdom  or you are visiting for the first time with family. When you have the right guide, everything is sure to go well.

Where to go for family get-together in the UK? Check this list!


Cumbria is a unique place with plenty of activities ideal for big family get-togethers. You could have fun doing things outdoors or indoor. Some of the places to go in Cumbria are listed below:

Lake District National Park

When you visit the Lake District, you will find that it offers landscapes very similar to those of the Lowlands of Scotland (specifically, the Loch Lomond National Park). The Lake District is also home to the highest mountain in England, a 977-meter-high rock called the Scafell Pike. During Summer, it’s a popular attraction for tourists and visitors for people from across the world. You can enjoy the most diverse outdoor activities in its hills and lakes, that is, hiking, cycling, fishing, horseback riding or boating, etc. It is also a children-friendly environment that your youngsters and teenagers will like.  All in all, the Lake District is an ideal area to have a family get-together.



With its decadent charm, this fishing village converted into a mining port offers wonderful views of the Scottish coast. Families will enjoy everything that this village has to offer. In addition to strolling through the port and seeing all the little boats, stop by the maritime museum and the Senhouse Roman museum . Perfect for a morning in Cumbria. 

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are an area of great natural interest that is part of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria counties . They are a series of river valleys and hills perfect for hiking and enjoying nature. One of its most beautiful places is the Ingleton Falls . There is an 8 kilometer circular route that will discover a series of spectacular waterfalls. You can take food and picnic for the family, if you have time.

Cumbrian Military Life Museum

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life was set up in 1932 and describes the 300-year story of Cumbria’s military regiments through books, records, photographs and collectibles. Having recently  moved to the new Alma Block in Carlisle Castle, the Museum is stacked with new features including sound/visual grandstands, significant structures, instinctive activities for adolescents and conditions depicting life in the World Wars. It will intrigue your teenagers as well. A gleaming new on the spot Cafe serves light tidbits, hot and cold refreshments and an extent of cakes.


Northern Ireland

Another ideal place to visit for a big family get-together in the United Kingdom is  Northern Island. Like many other cities in the UK, it also has adventure in store for visitors. 


Things to do in Northern Ireland

Visit Tollymore Forest

Tollymore Forest is found only five minutes from the town of Newcastle and sits at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. This woodland is one of the most normally delightful spots to visit in Northern Ireland and has a wide range of open air exercises for you to do, for example, outdoors, strolling, and horse riding. There are various paths for you to look over which are for the most part under five and a half miles. En route, you will see rough outcrops, and cave. Tollymore woodland likewise gave numerous backgrounds to Game of Thrones. Truth be told, the absolute first scene of the arrangement was shot in Tollymore Forest and was canvassed in counterfeit, biodegradable day off! A lot of progressively famous scenes were recorded in this timberland, including the scene where the Direwolf little dogs are found. (You can even go on a visit where you meet two or three genuine Direwolves!) Visiting will definitely excite every fan of the popular series.

Cross Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Is it safe to say that you are searching for an extraordinary photograph opportunity? If you are, the Carrick-a-rede rope connect is unquestionably one of the spots to visit in Northern Ireland – simply don’t look down! 

This rope connects the terrain to the minuscule island of Carrick-A-Rede. The extension is situated close to Ballintoy and is suspended over 100ft above ocean level – thrilling for a few, alarming for other people! Carrick-A-Rede Island is home to only one structure, an angler’s cabin, however there are a lot of activities for nature sweethearts. Carrick-A-Rede is perhaps the best spot in Northern Ireland to go untamed life spot; in case you’re fortunate you will see lolling sharks, dolphins, and porpoises!

Exciting adventures awaits everyone!


There are tons of activities in Wales that the family will enjoy. Wales is beautiful and the family will definitely enjoy all that it has to offer. It doesn’t have an iconic monument like some of the more popular places in England. Still, it won’t stop the family from having much  more unique and less saturated experience. Wales has incredible natural views, friendly people, and a unique  history

Places to go in Wales for Big Family Get Togethers

Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle was the first fort  located in Wrexham County among green countryside and its history dates back to the 13th century when it was built at the entrance to the Ceiriog Valley by Roger Mortimer of Chirk, the fort was part of the defensive system devised by King Edward I of England to protect the border in North Wales.

The complex consists of several places among which you can visit the gardens, the stables, the prison, the old laundry or the different halls and rooms of the castle where we can see numerous furniture and works of art owned by the different tenants of the fortress that has been inhabited since its construction until 2004, date in which it passed into the hands of the National Trust.

Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park is located in a mountainous region in north – west Wales and covers over 2,000 square meters where we can find some of the highest mountains in the country, charming villages, beautiful waterfalls, coastal and enigmatic areas forests where explore the abundant flora and fauna of the park.

To access the area you can do it from three points: Bangor , Caernarfon or Llandudno and depending on the activities you want to do, it is advisable to be there for at least 4 days since there are numerous trails to enjoy nature. Your family members will love it!

Conwy waterfall

To get to the waterfall that crosses the Fairy Glenn Gorge, you have to go to the Conwy Falls Café. You can see the waterfall from the Conwy River, the walk takes half an hour between going down and going up to the river.

Explore Wales on Train

Wales was once well known for its mining tasks, specifically the digging of records utilized for the material still so regular here. While most of these mines and quarries have shut, a large number of the tight measure railways used to move products (and later, Victorian-time travelers) around the nation have been reestablished and now give beautiful outings. Today, in excess of 10 legacy railway lines arrive at a portion of the nation’s most well known tourist spots, including mountains, ocean side towns, and palaces. A considerable lot of the greater lines, for example, the 14 mile-long Ffestiniog Railway going through Snowdonia National Park, offer remarkable train driving courses and volunteer chances to add to the experience. A journey on the train is an opportunity to relax with the family on a get-together.   


Talking about places that have something for everyone, Northumberland joins the list. You can take boats to the Farne island, drive over to Holt Island, visit the castles, follow the trails , ride and bike and have fun. A family get-together with its location in Northumberland is sure to please everyone.

Excursion to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

There’s an abundance of history to find on this little, however huge island, strikingly arranged off the Northumberland coast. Start your visit at Lindisfarne Priory, the focal point of Christianity in Anglo Saxon occasions. This peaceful setting was the origin of the Lindisfarne Gospels, one of the world’s most valuable books. Scoured by Viking pillagers in the eighth century.

Untamed life watchers will likewise appreciate spotting transient winged creatures that visit the island, and the dim seals that sway in encompassing waters. 

Northumberland National Park

Saturated with fantasies and legends, specialists accept the extraordinary breadth of the Simonside Hills simply above Rothbury in the Northumberland National Park was a holy spot to our precursors. It is studded with graveyard, Bronze Age cairns and an Iron Age fortification. 

Puzzling ancient cup-and-ring carvings exactly 5,000 years of age are scratched into tremendous chunks of rock at Lordenshaw. Differing from straightforward roundabout hollows to complex entwining designs, these carvings are regularly found at eye-popping raised areas with all encompassing perspectives. 

Covered in riddle, the 4,500-year-old Duddo Standing Stones are a peculiar and overwhelming Neolithic landmark situated at the Ford and Etal Estate two miles north of the Park. Whatever their birthplace, old life feels close in Northumberland. 

Alnwick, Northumberland

Harry Potter had his absolute first Quidditch exercise here in the grounds of Alnwick Castle, and it’s not hard to envision that the amazing structure houses a similar enchantment and puzzle as Hogwarts – particularly on the grounds that you would now be able to have a broomstick instructional meeting here as well! 

In case you’re an enthusiast of in vogue TV arrangement Downton Abbey, you may recollect ‘Brancaster Castle’, Alnwick Castle, where the Crawley family remained during season five’s Christmas extraordinary. Head down the stairs to the redesigned workers’ quarters and float through the extravagant State Rooms, wandering off in fantasy land that you’re Lord or Lady Grantham. 

Investigate the Downton Abbey presentation, which highlights photography, ensembles and props utilized during shooting, at that point move your visit outside to the nurseries, planned by popular English exterior decorator Lancelot ‘Capacity’ Brown. 

Visit Seahouses

There is a wonderful stroll from Seahouses to Bamburgh along the sea shore (at low tide, portions of a wreck can be seen most of the way along). Eat at any of these Bamburgh restaurants, visit the intuitive Grace Darling Museum, fly over the street to see the lovely little church where this youthful courageous woman is covered, at that point stroll back to Seahouses at elevated tide along the sea shore or hills. There is a great spot on the rocks at Seahouses, close to the old war time ammo cabin, where you can have a night seashore ‘barbie’. It’s an astonishing spot to watch the sun go down while the kids are doing a spot of rockpooling. Carry your jumpers and a few floor coverings to keep warm. A family spot for fun.

How to Pick the Location For a Big Family Get-together

Pick a location in the Centre

Pick a central location with the goal that everybody can drive in. It ought to be ideally near a significant interstate, or nearby a “center” air terminal, based on the distance between relatives, so everybody can fly in with low pressure and cost. 

Choose a Midpoint for Activities

 Your gathering will be about family time, however would you spend it outside doing activities together, or in a city with access to galleries and culture, or particularly inside? Understand what people like, what and expect. Then you can decide on the midpoint for the activities to be carried out.  

Deciding on a spending plan.

It is fundamental to set a general spending plan before deciding on the type of get-together and the housing choice. Will every individual from the family be responsible for their own transport and accomodation?Will it share a portion of the expenses among the group?At this stage, a casual survey between relatives would help you to decide.

Choose where to lodge

The expense and theme of a family get-together will vary as indicated by the kind of accommodation picked. Question yourself whether your family will decide to live respectively, or break out into discrete units or quarters. Would you like it if your lodging provided food and meal, or would you rather plan your own? Think about this and make a clear decision.

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Think like you're arranging for a big group

Ask the inn or resort booking agent for a few room reservation contract, or for the community cost. Consider the accommodation choices that would be best for the family and will still provide you the space and extra room you need. For example, throughout the fall, a ski resort has a lot of rooms (with limits), and during the hotter months, a warm climate golf resort will have extra room.

How to Make Family Get-togethers Memorable and Fun

If not properly planned, family get-togethers can turn out to be a disaster, with everyone going their way and doing activities separately. When this happens, the memories that linger are one of activities done alone, rather than the activities with family. 

Find below a few steps to take if you want to have a memorable get-together

Adopt the Mixed Bag.

The truth is lives are sort of like a mixed bag. Man is a mixed bag. Families are a mixed bag. And you and I are mixed bags too! Unless someone’s behavior is totally unacceptable and dangerous, we learn to  embrace the fact that a lot of people are a mixture of kindness and unkindness, helpfulness and helplessness, healthiness and unhealthiness. Noone ticks all the perfection boxes. It’s hurtful to the intent of having a get-together when you keep anyone out because you’ve don’t see eye to eye with the political views of this person or their  choice of a partner. 

Help with the logistics and planning.

If you have an idea of things to do, suggest ideas. Listen to each other’s ideas and needs. Ask questions, and hear the answers. Speak it up. When it doesn’t work for you or others, be prepared to change the plan. 

Welcome and Rejoice.

Bringing different branches of the family together and just enjoying a nice time is a victory that needs to be enjoyed and recognized well after it is done. A successful event requires a great deal of work, which should not be taken for granted. Often the people who take leadership in organizing family gatherings can be annoying, because it takes a lot of energy to overcome the obstacles to get people together. Even though they are annoying, let the people you love know how much you value them. Imagine never having another chance to tell them, and make sure you’re actually doing it!.

Fun Activities To Do During Big Family Get Togethers

Don’t just invite the family to eat and sit down, even though this is also appropriate sometimes. Make it memorable and amusing by offering an activity or game. Look for ideas to fit your theme. 

Outdoor Water Party

Having a pool would be the ideal way to host an outdoor pool party. However there are a few options here since not every person has a pool. Balloons of water, sprinklers, a swimming pool, or super soakers. Suggest that each and every individual who shows up bring bathing suits and hold a change of clothes. Serve food like natural product, for example, watermelon, finger sandwiches, chips, custom made frozen yogurt, or popsicles, 


Develop your food and exercises around your preferred film, book or TV show, for example, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse or Star Wars. Take on the appearance of the characters, and get the best costume awards.

Play A Board Game

Get your old board games out there and have a family game night out. Try Twister, Monopoly, Pictionary or anything else in the cupboard that you have hanging. See a sports game. I know some people are going to rub their eyes on that, because sport. but believe me that the environment in a game is as enjoyable as the action, or just more pleasant. Seeing the excitement of team sport is perfect for youth, and feeling excited about joining a side too.

Go On A Nature Walk

Explore a little nature track and check out the beautiful scenery and plants, wildlife. Go roller-skating maybe years have passed since you’ve been wearing skates but it’s always a good sport. 

Play Frisbee

Bring a frisbee, head to a nearby field and enjoy! There is no age limit to playing frisbee. Adults and kids of any age can always come together to have fun chasing the frisbee.

Build a family artwork

 You don’t have artistic skills? No worries. Purchase a canvas and some paints from a nearby cheap store, then get together to make an artwork. It will make your home a perfect talking point. You’re not on the lookout to create the next Leonardo Da Vinci piece, you’re having fun and creating memories. 

Visit A Local Farm And Pick Fruit

Depending on where you decide to go for your get-together. If there’s a farm nearby, visit one near you, and pick up some goodies from the garden together.