Families with Teenagers

Ultimate Guides on Holidays for Families with Teenagers in the UK

The UK is a holiday spot for people in all categories. The importance of holiday for families with teenagers cannot be overemphasized as it strengthens family bonds, exposes the teenagers to adventures and prepares their mental and physical body ahead of adulthood.

Teenagers want excitement, novelty, plenty of food options and a bit more independence too.  So if you think your children or siblings will like cosmopolitan towns, tropical beaches or big-time resorts, there’s a need for a family holiday.

Read on to find the best attractions in the UK for families with teenagers, the major activities while on family holidays, how to plan holidays for families with teenagers in the UK and more.

What are the Best UK Attractions for Families with Teenagers?

Holidays for families with teenagers in the UK are incomplete without exploring the following attractions:

Quicksilver Surf School

The Newquay Quiksilver Surf School is a popular surf spot right next to Fistral Beach. Teenagers want to take on the waves and to acquire a new talent. For some fun bonding time you can book lessons as a family or get two minutes to yourself and send them on their way whilst putting your feet up or dipping in the heated indoor pool.

On Fistral Beach the Quiksilver Surf School also offers coasteering sessions from March to October. Coasteering offers you the opportunity to discover how the Atlantic Ocean has shaped Cornwall’s rough and majestic coastline. The adrenaline-filled ride brings you from isolated beaches to coves and underground tunnels for pirates now populated by the seals and incredible marine life.

Woodovis Park

Woodovis Park is a five-star holiday park with lodging in motorhomes, tents, caravans, cottages, glamping pods and luxurious resort houses. Facilities involve a beach, pool table games area, table football, air hockey and flip-flops. There’s even giant link 4, table tennis outside and a Pétanque arena. Wifi is chargeable but perfect if you choose to limit holiday internet access.

There are frequent archery and water-walking sessions in high season plus a hog roast twice monthly. Woodovis Park is best situated for events such as wild diving, tree climbing, kite surfing and abseiling. Visitors may get discounts at Woodovis Beach.

You may also go canoeing along the Tamar River or on the popular North Coast of Cornwall and learn how to surf. Teens should especially love the buzz of zip wire over one of the largest, tallest, and quickest aerial runways in Europe at Go Ape in nearby Haldon.

Alton Towers Resort

Alton Towers Resort is an amusement park in the village of Alton in Staffordshire, England. Merlin Entertainments Company runs the property which includes an amusement park, water park, pool, mini-golf, and hotel complex. There are other attractions in the park including Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train, Armageddon, Apocalypse, Galactica, The Smiler and Wicker Man.

Alton Towers Resort runs a total of ten roller coasters. It provides a variety of hotel and hospitality choices. Facilities at this theme park include Waterpark Alton Towers, meeting rooms, a wild golf course and a high wire range.

The amusement park is typically open from mid-March to the beginning of November, although many of the hotels and facilities remain available all year. During the colder months, the amusement park is rarely locked at midweek. Unique activities are conducted during the year, including Alton Towers Scarefest and a season-end fireworks show on the season’s last three days.


Hoseasons is another best option on holidays for families with teens in the UK. It provides you with everything from retreats in the hot tub and quirky pods that engage you and your family in woodland life to beach huts with sea views that suck away your oxygen.

You can choose between enjoyable holidays, a relaxed escape or live in a cabin, barn or sail the waters on a stylish ferry. Whatever you choose, Hoseasons has added every little touch and convenience to make your trip outdoors exciting and your homelike accommodation.

Professionals at Hoseasons often organise activities such as ‘go wild’ for white water rafting and rock climbing, ‘go amateur’ and provide qualified archery and fencing instruction on ‘go learn’ for horseback riding and mountain biking. Along the border of Dartmoor in Devon you will see one of the Flagship Parks called Finlake Lodges which provides excellent equipment for caving, scooter and surfing activities etc.

Cornish Tipi Holidays

For a less expensive holiday and far-reaching explorations in the UK Cornish Tipi Holidays promises exactly that. From wild camping in their meadows and swimming in a secluded lake to preparing dinner over an open fire – more of a novelty in several other campsites making it suitable for family exploration.

The most popular activities at Cornish Tipi Holidays include swimming, fishing and boating and there are hammocks by the stream for lazy days. The campsite is off the national grid and you won’t be required to access or replace any electronic equipment to inspire the children to abandon the playstations at home and reconnect to nature.

Parkdean Resorts

If you’re searching for a UK holiday park ideal for families and teenagers Parkdean Resorts is the solution. Parkdean has 67 holiday parks in England, Wales, and Scotland and also serves as the UK’s main provider of holiday parks. Accommodation varies from spacious caravans, luxury lodges and a small variety of cottages, condos, chalets and even several homes.

The Parkdean’s Freestyle Club features events such as making your own celebrity magazine cover, filming a Parkdean holiday ad, sporting programs and talent shows etc. Surf schools are also open at, North Devon and Holywell Bay Holiday Park at Cornwall, Sea Acres Holiday Park at Cornwall, Ruda Holiday Park at Croyde, and Warmwell Holiday Park at Dorset.

Paris with Teenagers

Paris with Teenagers Paris is an endless haven of experiences. Paris with teenagers is perhaps one of the greatest family holidays that you might get. There are so many activities to do in Paris with your children while keeping them busy and content.

It may be about seeing iconic sights such as the Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, Mona Lisa or the Eiffel Tower. Any teenagers would enjoy this too, although other hobbies like riding the Paris metro, a batobus boat ride or renting bikes on the Sunday markets along the seine river.

Another attraction to explore in Paris is the renowned catacombs, the Stade de France football stadium and the Salvador Dali Museum in Montmartre. Your children or siblings will bless you for exploring them to these fascinating sights.

Cotswold Water Park

The Cotswold Water Park is a region of over 40 square miles with 170 reservoirs, with several various recreation companies and a number of residential areas. This stunning landscape of wetlands hosts tens of thousands of breeding and watering birds and is an ideal destination for watching wildlife throughout the year.

Teenagers that like water-sports will appreciate you for bringing them to Costswold Water Park’s Four Pillars Hotel. Water-sports events involve kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, water-skiing and windsurfing. Cotswold Country Park and beach offers everything from cycle hire and barbecues to adventure high ropes.

La Manga Club Resort

Another teenager-friendly sight in the UK is La Manga Club Resort located at south-eastern Spain. This beautifully built resort is an entertainment centre offering on-site basketball, cricket, rugby, baseball, courses on golf and a modern Leadbetter Golf Academy that is the first one of its type in mainland Spain.

La manga Club Resort is a recreation and fitness center. It is also a gaming zone with sports such as table tennis, xboxes, ps2 and pinball. Evening entertainment at La manga Club Resort involves karaoke and discotheques. Nearby attractions are Safari River Park and Torrevieja Water Park

It is worth exploring the special offers of La Manga Club which include full board lodging, day-to-day activities for children and adults, free shuttle bus, resort credit, and spa passes. If you can’t have a nice time in La Manga, maybe you’re booking the wrong holiday.

Canal Boat Holidays

The UK has plenty of canals and waterways perfect for canal claim holidays in England and Wales. A Canal Boat Holiday is also described as the ‘fastest way to slow down’. It provides a wide range of rural routes. A canal boat holiday presents you with the chance to tour waterside cities, beautiful scenery, and historic towns from the luxury of your floating vacation home with your family.

There are plenty of opportunities to play around on a laptop, sunbathe, or play games at Canal boat with teenagers. You may blend self-catering with pub lunches and many itineraries also go through fascinating sights and enjoyable attractions. You should fasten up in central Birmingham, rest at Warwick Castle or visit Old Trafford.

Neilson Holidays

Neilson Holidays is one of the greatest holiday sights in the UK for teens. Here you will discover other destinations around the UK with opportunities on sale including hiking, cycling, water activities and tennis. There will surely be something for everyone and you can take the online quiz to help refine your family choices for more inspiration.

Neilson Holidays promises wonderful holidays for families filled with a wide variety of accessible events. Their helpful experts and squad of professional coaches are on hand to inspire you to learn something different, from dinghy sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing to tennis and cycling.

Neilson Holiday offers children’s clubs with beautiful beach front destinations like Slovenia, Sardinia, Spain, Greece, and Sicily for all ages from two to 17 years old.

What are the Things to Do While on Family Holidays with Teenagers?

Family Sport

The aim of any family holiday is to spend a special time with all the family members and groom the children. This involves:

  •         Teaching teenagers something new and spending time with them
  •         A pamper day for extended family
  •         Tech-free family time
  •         Card and board games
  •         Family sport
  •         Morning at the beach together etc.

Nature-friendly activities

You may choose to engage in nature-friendly activities while on your holidays with your family. This involves activities such as:

  •         Walking
  •         Fishing
  •         Swimming/picnic
  •         Horse riding
  •         Visit to zoos, museums, and historic sites
  •         Visit to beach, mountains and lakes
  •         Attending carnivals etc.

Reading and research

Reading and research are among the major activities to do on families’ holidays with teenagers in the UK. These include:

  •         Researching the family tree
  •         Reading competition
  •         Visiting libraries for holiday programmes
  •         Enrolling in the reading club etc.

Physical activities

You can engage in different physical activities with your adolescent children while on your holidays in the UK. This includes activities such as:

  •         Rock climbing
  •         Fitbit challenges
  •         Mountain bike
  •         Sailing
  •         Surfing
  •         Gym
  •         Golf
  •         Table tennis
  •         Volleyball
  •         Running
  •         Jumping
  •         Dancing etc.

Special events

While on your holidays you should allow every family member to provide an idea for an activity on a piece of paper. Once a week you draw out an activity that everyone must participate in such as:

  •         Family photoshoots
  •         Outdoor movies
  •         Counselling
  •         Barbecue etc.

Taking short courses

There are so many holiday programs available during holidays which are suitable for adults and teens. These include:

  •         Arts Centres
  •         Film Schools
  •         Photography courses
  •         Jewellery making
  •         Cooking
  •         Vacswim etc.


There are many individuals and organisations looking for teen’s help. These include:

  •         Help an older person with technology
  •         Walk dogs for elderly
  •         Visit with elderly
  •         Prepare or serve meals at a local soup kitchen etc.

Engage creative activities

Family holidays provide opportunities for exploring the skills of each family member. These include:

  •         Writing
  •         Painting
  •         Make a family movie
  •         Preparing for competitions etc.

How Do you Plan Holidays for Families with Teenagers?

You never know what’s going to happen on your holiday so you need to be prepared for everything. Holidays with teenagers may appear like a difficult to plan but here are the best ways to plan your family holidays with teenagers in the UK:

Start saving

The success of a holiday depends on how much you save. With the way you spend money you can be manageable so you can make some savings for your holiday.

Involve your children

You should involve your children in the planning. Research has shown that around 70% of parents said that their children were dominant in deciding a destination for their family holiday. 77% of travellers said in another research that their children were dominant in determining activities during family holidays. It’s important you consider the choice of your children for the best holiday.

Set a budget

There is no specific amount of spending family holidays in the UK.  The cost also depends on the season, the size of your family and the family interest. It’s important you plan a surplus budget that will cover unexpected expenditures.

Set a duration

You should decide how long you want to enjoy your holiday with your family. You may explore two cities that you think are fascinating within a week or less. You can also schedule a quick city break. When you have about two weeks, you’ll have time to explore one of the leading cities in the UK and even do some adventure with your children.

Place a date

In the UK the weather is around two-season. Spring and fall mean hibernation and summer. You should bear in mind that the season you are choosing to spend your vacation in the UK determines the cost and nature of your holiday.

Determine location

Decide where you and your family will be to enjoy the holiday. The UK has many holiday destinations that vary from fleeing into the seclusion of the country or enjoying time in the lively cities, or both. Your choice should capture one of the best attractions in the UK that offer the best excitement and memorable experiences for teenagers.

Book a holiday cottage

After you’ve arranged your holidays you’ll find different types of accessible accommodation such as hotels, apartments and much more. Bear in mind that different holiday cottages provide different features and benefits. You have to be critical in choosing the best holiday cottage suitable for your family.

10 Common Family Holidays Mistakes You Should Avoid

Overtime family holiday goers have been making 10 common mistakes on their holiday planning. You can learn from their experiences by avoiding these common mistakes:

Don’t do everything in one day

Don’t try to replicate the way you used to travel before you had children. Things are different now so try not to squeeze into one day too many activities or sightseeing. That’s one of the simplest family travel mistakes to produce and it’s also one of the easiest to correct.

The most enjoyable family travel experiences are those with proper every day planning. The worst thing you can do is put yourself in a position where you feel constantly rushed or disappointed, because you haven’t checked every box on the list

Get extra rooms

If you’re crowded in a single room you certainly won’t be relaxed and have a decent sleep. It is better to locate a cottage that has spare beds for your adolescent children and ensure everybody has a proper sleep.

Find a centred lodging

Finding lodging in a convenient place near parks, shops, services and transit is also a smart thing to be. You can live outside town to save money while you’re single. But it’s a big mistake when travelling as a family. It doesn’t take long for those savings to evaporate when you factor in the cost of taxis, transportation, or parking.

Plan for unexpected circumstances

Prepare for the unexpected because during your family holidays you can never tell what may happen to you or your family. Pack an extra pair of clothes and have enough cash for the currency of your destination.

Pick your seats while making your reservation

Avoid sitting in different places with your family on flight. Although most airlines put families in the same row together but don’t depend on that. You may end up sitting on opposite ends of the plane if you do not pick your seats at the time of booking. Depending on the airline and distance you may be expected to pay extra to book your seats.

In such circumstances airline workers will assist you by rearranging the sitting of other travellers which creates needless stress on the process. If you have to switch seats and your luggage is in an overhead compartment behind you it delays the experience of off-loading and can be quite frustrating for everyone.

Pay extra for direct flights

You should book directly to avoid disappointments. Why put yourself into the pain of flights connecting? Direct flights aren’t a choice everywhere. But if the option is direct take it even if it costs more. You’ll be so happy to have done so.

Don’t rely on airlines for entertainment

The airline industry’s present state of affairs is very sad. Gone are the days when in-flight service was a big part of the experience. You’re getting one drink nowadays and, if you’re lucky, the food cart will still have a sandwich available for purchase by the time it gets to your row. You should carry along your games and some devices for entertainment.

Avoid cheap flights

It is hard to ignore a flight which is unbelievably inexpensive. But these inexpensive flights also depart and arrive from remote airports which may be very far from the actual destination. It could not be a major deal when you’re travelling alone but avoid it for the sake of your family safety.

It creates unnecessary stress for everyone when you’re travelling with your children and all the crap that comes with them. It might cost you more when you decide to take taxis, buses or parking.

Give yourself ample time

You should give adequate time for connecting flights. If you’re taking the shortest layover period when travelling alone, it may not work when travelling with your family and adolescent children.

You should not be late and early in booking

To get the best deal you will have to wait a couple of days or weeks and see whether the price can decline. But you may run the risk of losing availability of seats in the process. Experts recommend that the safest period to purchase a ticket is from 6 to 8 weeks before the date of departure.

So, Where and how can I Find the Best Accommodation for my Teenagers Holidays in the UK ?

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Parents in the UK meet their obligations by sharing time with their children and exposing them to the rich adventures of the country. This is best achieved through a family holiday with teenagers to shape their pattern of thinking, behaviour and prepare them ahead of adulthood. Why not start planning your family with teenagers’ holiday today?