A Guide to Fishing Holiday in the UK.

Fishing is one of the most calming yet exhilarating hobbies enjoyed by man. A Fishing holiday is about comfortably sitting beside a river for hours, standing in waders in fast-flowing rivers or going to see for an amazing sea-fishing adventure.

Fishing holidays in the United Kingdom will offer you a fantastic chance to experience the best fishing places and some beautiful landscapes; counting from the beaches of Cornwall through the Scottish Highlands to the Irish Sea. Here we glanced through some United Kingdom’s best fishing holidays & what you might get from each.

Fishing Holiday Destinations in Wales

A fishing holiday in Wales is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and explore the beautiful Welsh countryside. Wales, a country of its size, is filled to the gills with many fantastic fishing spots and anglers, promising some of the best fishing opportunities in the United Kingdom. 

Salmon and trout can be caught in the beautiful scenery of Wales rivers, and the coarse fishermen visiting Wales are well-equipped for commercial fishing. Wales offers anglers a wide range of fishing destinations for their fishing holidays in Wales. Fishermen are spoilt for choice with a variety of well-equipped fishing and recreational fishing, as well as some of the best fishing lodges and hotels.

A popular fishing holiday spot in Wales is Margam Country Park which offers some of the best fishing in the country, not to mention a well-stocked pond and a variety of fishing boats. Fishermen will enjoy the excellent fishing opportunities at White Springs Lakes, a popular fishing destination in Wales. White Springs Lakes was recently voted the best coarse fishery in the UK by Angler’s Mail and is located on the south-west coast of South Wales, just a few miles from the town of Llanelli.

Pembrokeshire has some of the best fishing spots in Wales, although it is surrounded by the sea, and you will surely find something for everyone, from amateur to experienced fishermen. 


Whitby is also a good place to go as it is amongst popular fishing spots in Wales and many sea anglers make it a hub in the estuaries of Whitby and especially the Cleddau estuary. Beyond its borders, Wales has a number of other great fishing destinations, including the Welsh Sea.

Fishing Holiday Destinations in Scotland

There are excellent places for fishermen all over the country. A fishing holiday in Scotland is the ultimate for many fishermen and perhaps the quietest fishing spot in the world. You will be seduced by the undisturbed calm of the water, the tranquillity of nature and the beautiful landscape of the Scottish mountains.

Scotland has a rich heritage and a wealth of opportunities when it comes to Atlantic salmon fishing. The Dee is a beautiful salmon river, which offers a variety of different salmon species with also a wide selection of fish species. Scotland is full of incredible rivers for fishing, but the highlight for most of us is fishing for salmon in the Tay, Tweed, Spay and Dee. Different parts of the Tweed offer better fishing opportunities and therefore a higher price, but offer the same fish quality as other rivers in the United Kingdom and the world. Salmon and trout from the upper parts of this river and its tributaries can be enjoyed with 4 rods and strokes, and with also a variety of fishing equipment

The River Spey, which runs through the Cairngorms National Park in Inverness Shire, is also home to Atlantic salmon, and brown trout can also be caught here. The River Tay is full of Atlantic salmon in mid-January, but you can also catch brown trout, salmon, mackerel and other fish in the Tay estuary, with also a variety of other fish species. Whether you’re after the king fish (Atlantic salmon) or prefer more exotic fish from the Atlantic, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and trout, don’t forget to list all of these in Scotland’s best fishing destinations. East Lothian, Tyne and Whiteadder is amongst some popular fishing destinations in Scotland and a great place to fish in the summer months.


Fishing Holiday Destinations in Northern Ireland

The Great Fishing Houses of Northern Ireland work closely together to improve trout and salmon stocks by conserving and improving habitats and monitoring waters to maintain accurate fishing protocols. 

Irish fisheries, is known to be one of the best fisheries in UK, with a population of more than 1,000 trout, salmon, mackerel and other fish. The Great Fishing Houses also work with those who market the island of Ireland as a holiday destination to showcase their unique Irish angled destinations.

You can enjoy one of Northern Ireland’s best fishing destinations all year round. As there is no biological season, Northern Ireland is one of the most famous fishing destinations in the Northern Irish Sea.

Fishing Holiday Destinations in England

England has a number of great, well-equipped and beautiful fishing lakes and river systems that challenge anglers of all levels.

Windermere has the distinction of having one of the largest and most popular trout fishing areas in England, as well as all the other activities that the Lake District has to offer. Devon is amongst the most beautiful counties in the United Kingdom and has some of England’s most popular fishing spots for trout and other fish.

The country offers excellent fishing opportunities, not to mention a huge coastline, and with the various rivers and streams in the area, you will be able to find so many great places to fish in this area. The local Whitby is known for year-round fishing, where local fishermen go to the beach year-round as fishermen & you can choose from a wide range of different fish species with also a wide variety of trout. The coarse fishing in this area is very good, while deep sea fishing is also very good, with a variety of baits..

Fishing Holiday Destinations in Isles of Wight

Almost all marine and freshwater fish found in British waters are on the island’s record list, as are many other fish species. Most types of sea and freshwater fishing can be done on the island and it must be said that the Isles of Wight is an ideal destination for a fishing holiday.  

The area around Shanklin offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, from small to medium-sized, and can be explored by any angler of any kind who is in the area. On Cowes Island, the most popular destination for anglers of all ages and abilities, it offers a wide range of different fish species, both small and medium.

Cowes has some fantastic coastal fisheries and there are many beaches, coves, jetties and estuaries to satisfy the sea fishermen.

The large town of Cowes is extremely popular with sailors and holidaymakers, especially in the summer months. The promenades and beaches are mostly occupied by hotels and restaurants and are the most tourist oriented part of the city.

This is the perfect destination for those who love fishing and fishing on the Isles of Wight.

Fishing Holiday Lakes in the United Kingdom

UK has many beautiful and picturesque lakes for a perfect fishing holidays. UK’s lakes offers you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best fishing holidays in the world.  Scotland comes first as it has many amazing lakes in between the Scottish Highlands. 

Lindholme Lakes is one of the UK’s most popular fishing lakes, with ten lakes in total. Tommy Picker is often found in holiday parks, but there are many other types of fishing lakes in the United Kingdom which includes the following explained below.

Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire

This is named because of its horseshoe-like shape, Horseshoe Lake is a great spot for carp-fishers seeking for a good catch. Horseshoe Lake spreads across 62-acres, it attracts every year, hundreds of anglers. This lake is home to roach, pike, perch, tench, Rudd and bream giving you opportunity to enjoy a rich fishing holiday experience. In this lake, you have to be a member of The Carp Society. It cost about 25 pounds a year or 1 pounds (0.45 kg) an hour for you to fish here.  

Caerphilly Castle Lake in South Wales

A trip to this spot is worth it, who wouldn’t like a fishing experience with the views of the Norman castle?! There are many lakes which formerly consists of the moat round the Norman castle. In this spot you can find crucian carp, perch, roach, eels, tench, bream, and amongst other variety of fishes. A holiday experience here will be unique as you position your hooks and baits against the mediaeval Norman castle foundations.

Anglers Paradise in Devon

This location boasts of about thirty magnificent lakes. This Anglers paradise in Devon was set up for a great fishing holiday destination which will leave you spoilt for choice. You can purchase a day ticket to have access to fish on some lakes in the estate. While about 12 of the lakes in the estate are exclusive for residents of Anglers paradise. 

Nevertheless, you will have a variety of fishing experiences to choose from in a day ticket. Anglers Paradise is a peaceful place that accommodate all abilities and fishing experience. This is a good place you can learn how to fish, with many helpful guides to assist novice fishermen to have a more successful experience. The lakes are filled with different variety of fish which includes; perch, tench, trout, catfish, koi and carp.

Where to stay at Isle of Devon ?

Some nearby accommodations in this location includes;

Windermere Lake in Cumbria

This natural lake is the largest in England. Windermere is home to many fishes, and this makes it a must-visit for fishermen visiting the Lake District. It’s not a new thing to find big pikes here as well as trout, eels and perch. Catching the Arctic Charr will also be a great fishing experience as this location boost for one of the 340 of their populations in the UK. Salmon and Sea trout do navigate through the lake, you may be lucky to have a catch on them too! 

Where to stay in South Cumbria ?

Some of the best accommodations in this lake district available for booking at  includes;


Redmire Pool in Herefordshire

This pool has been favourite spot for carp anglers. This pool is very well known, such that you have to book fishing over the phone to secure a slot on a particular day each year.

The first buyable slots in a year which starts in June are bid for with prices nearly £2000, fishing enthusiasts usually don’t hesitate to book any available slot. More moderately priced slots are available as the season goes, but for you to fish here you need to be fairly serious.

Where to stay at Isle of Herefordshire ?

Some popular booking accommodations available at  for this location includes;


Loch Leven in Scotland

This Loch is about 3600 acres of mainly shallow water which makes it good for fishing. The Loch is overlooked by the Loch Leven Castle. This loch has fast growing trouts which can reach a very impressive size. They are known for their fighting instincts, you may struggle awhile if you aren’t a professional in fishing. Bank fishing is prohibited here, all fishing must be fly only and done on the fisheries boats which can be hired for sessions. Perfect within a National Nature Reserve, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wonderful populations of wildfowl on visiting. 

Whether you will be ready fishing throughout the day, or you want to tour the stunning countryside round these lakes, be sure to enjoy your fishing with your hiking boot for wide feet. With comfortable footwear giving you support, you will be able to put your focus on getting the mightiest catch!

Where to stay in South Scotland ?

The Best accommodation you can get in proximity to this Loch includes;

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As we have seen, fishing holiday in the UK is not just a thing of the deep sea fishermen, fishing can be a hobby and a thing for the whole family. Fishing holiday business is well-developed in the UK.

Although, many fishing opportunities do not make it easy for you to be exceptional as an angler – you can enjoy your basic pleasures and the simple pleasure of sitting and talking while the water flows. Spend a day on the water by staying in a boat cabin at a berth and enjoy a picnic with the whole family. Take a big party and experience the whole fun.