Honeymoon Holidays

A Guide to a Honeymoon Holiday in the UK

Planning a honeymoon in the UK soon? Are you unsure about the things to do, Places to visit, accommodations, the best spots to eat, your limited budget or the kind of experience you expect to have entirely? Well, you will not have to worry about all that anymore, after going through this detailed guide on how to have the best experience on a honeymoon holiday in the United Kingdom.

Historical, inspiring and romantic in nature, the United Kingdom has been known to surpass the expectations of different holiday goers and its awesomeness for the romantics has never wavered. From classic architectures, to high-rising buildings, fascinating museums, entertaining parks, several shopping spots, to lively pubs; the United Kingdom is a haven for romance and quality time.

Where are the Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in the UK?

The United Kingdom, as we said earlier, is an oasis of romance. For every couple, it has something – depending on your interests, wishes, needs and budget. Below are some of the best honeymoon holiday spots in the UK:

Lake District

When it comes to stunning landscapes, the lake district performs seriously. Newly granted UNESCO World Heritage status, the largest national park in England is known for its soaring mountains, extensive reservoirs, charming stone cottages and breath-taking scenery that have fascinated authors and poets for decades.

It’s impossible not to be drawn over by the area’s charm, whether it’s climbing up cliffs, soaking in the sights from a steamboat on one of the lakes or curl up in front of a roaring fire at a typical bar. Stay at the brimstone hotel in Ambleside for luxurious luxury–think roll-top pools, and private terraces.


The Scottish Highlands

Boasting some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country, the area is blessed with beautiful hikes, and has one of the earth’s longest and most interesting histories. At the centre of this area sits the Cairngorms National Park, providing everything from spectacular hiking trails to ice climbing, cycling, snowboarding and so much more. If the great outdoors isn’t enough to fill your boots, head back to luxury hotels and resorts in the area. 

There is a large range of lodging to match all budgets, the genius part of living in the highlands. The area has an array of old and modern housing, from extremely isolated cottages to seaside resorts and bigger towns like Inverness, with views that will make you pinch yourself.


Isle of Skye

If there’s one aspect about Skye that can leave you with a lasting memory, the landscape has to be the one. Skye is a beautiful place, indeed. 

The biggest of the Inner Hebrides, it is host to some of the most famous sceneries in Scotland. If you’re visiting Scotland for a few days or remaining for a longer time, the island has countless forms to charm you with its mountain ranges, miles of stunning coastline and captivating past.



Words like beauty and love always come to mind, when we think about romance; and this is an area Devon has constantly delivered. 

Devon is somewhere renowned for its natural beauty and genuine atmosphere in the middle of the South East. Devon is one of the most romantic places to visit, so it’s one of the sites to consider if you’re thinking of spending a honeymoon.

Causeway Coast

A host of attractions and activities await travellers along the coastal route to Causeway. You might want to get wet while you’re coasting under cliffs and over rocks. Maybe you’d just wet your whistle at bush mills distillery with some good whisky. Or why not tackle urban legends and myths with a tour of the giant’s causeway? 

If ever a location represented the giant spirit of Northern Ireland, it is the coastal path of the causeway. Perhaps it is the sheer breadth and beauty of their landscape. Possibly the dramatic coastline shapes those mythical stories. Surely, it’s in the nice and hospitable people you’ll encounter along the way. 

Wherever you come across that  Northern Ireland’s iconic Force, welcome it. And then, arouse your own. There are several attractive sites in the coastal path of the causeway.



Put on your hiking boots because this UK honeymoon destination is a hilly one for the adventurous pair enjoying an escape in the Great British countryside. Surround yourself in the beautiful Snowdonia mountain landscape of North Wales. 

With vast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and unlike any other views, this Welsh mountain range has nine peaks ready for cyclists, climbers and hikers to climb. Admire scenic gorges with rivers, tumbling waterfalls, hills and mountains all within walking reach. 

Snowdonia is the ideal rural refuge for signal failure, outdoor adventure, and time with your new partner.



Exquisite design, a network of cobbled streets and scenic alleys, one of Europe’s biggest Gothic cathedrals, famous restaurants and low-beamed pubs; if you’re searching for UK honeymoon plans, York is also referred to as England’s most romantic area, making it a perfect weekend away for couples. 

Legend has it that lovers embracing beneath the Yorkshire window’s minister’s core will stick together forever. Take a bath in Viking-age York at the Jorvik Viking Centre, enjoy tea for two in the famed ‘Betty’s’ tea room or take the York Chocolate Trail to explore the chocolate-coated history of the region (test the items along the way, of course).



Northumberland is part of exceptional Natural Exquisiteness which has a lot to sell to honeymooners looking to enjoy a happy holiday in Britain. With 39 miles of fabulous coastline, picture-perfect landscapes with sweeping views, ancient history and the largest Dark Skies Park in Europe, this pleasant region is made for an escape for lovers.

Interesting Things to Do on a Honeymoon Holiday in the UK

Honeymoons have undoubtedly progressed from just spending time at the beaches. Couples are keen to have a trip as unique as they are these days. When you are dreaming of things you and your wife should do on your honeymoon whilst in the UK, here are some fun experiences to entertain you:

Enjoy a Red-Letter Date at the Tower of London

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous forts in the world – The Tower of London stretches over a 1000-year era. Originally this building was the royal residence, a place of execution, a zoo, a prison and an armoury. Ideally situated next to the Thames river, you do have the chance to visit the surrounding attractions around the castle. 

Take advantage of the day and embark on a historic date at this Old England architectural wonder. While here, make sure to include some of the famous sights in your checklist – royal beasts, the royal mint, the ravens, the white castle, and the crown jewels. While on the well-known yeoman warder ride, you can take a photo with the royal bodyguards (beefeaters).

Visit Hyde Park Stables

The Hyde Park Stables offers horseback riding throughout the year, and that can be the best way for both of you to take the reins and explore the ‘much talked about’ region. That’s one of the fun and romantic things for couples to do in London. Go across the serpentine, smile hello in the port to fellow romantics, and share an adventure like never before.

Take a Seaplane Ride

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an intimate and unique aerial view of Scotland’s beautiful west coast. Loch Lomond Seaplanes will take you and your spouse around the West Coast Explorer ride from the pontoon at Cameron House Hotel in Loch Lomond over the Clyde Estuary at an altitude of between 500 and 5,000 feet. 

The ride starts across rothesay on bute island with spectacular views of arran and kintyre mull before going north to loch fyne. Before starting its low-level cruise down Loch Lomond, the return leg of this 45-minute journey flies to Ben Lomond. 

You’ll collect a celebratory bottle of champagne on the pontoon to toast the success of your scenic trip across the valleys, glens, castles and moorlands of the stunning west coast.

Enjoy a Box of Chocolate with Your Partner at Coco Chocolate

Wouldn’t you love to ease off with a case of tasty homemade chocolates? Coco of Bruntsfield are devoted to making a variety of tasty types of quality organic chocolate. Here as in the sister shop on Broughton Road, you’ll find some delicious, addictive sweets made by specialty chocolatiers. 

These are true chocolates with a high content of cacao mixed with the finest ingredients including fruits, spices and peppers. You can find some seasonal choices and lots of fantastic gift ideas but don’t plan to quit without succumbing to the pressure and purchasing a package to laugh at yourself. One Saturday Every month, there is a chocolate school and you can book in for classes. 

How do you get there from London ?

The distance between London and Forth Rail Bridge is 543km.

Of course, you can always fly to Edinburgh from London, in fact, it is highly recommended – depending on the airport you’re flying from, you should arrive at your destination in approximately 4h 30m. This would cost you anything between £80 – £350.

There are no one-stop buses from London station to Forth Rail Bridge; however, there are bus services departing from the London Victoria Coach Station to Queensferry, Slip Road, through Edinburgh. The journey takes approximately 11h 20m, including stops and transfers, and costs £17 – £28.

If you prefer a train instead, then take one departing from London Kings Cross to Dalmeny through Edinburgh, and you’ll arrive at your destination in approximately 4h 50m, and would cost you about £52 – £390.

Live Like Royals on Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh

See how the royals operated on the water. This luxury ship was originally launched in 1953 and decommissioned in 1997, and features lavish living and entertainment quarters spread over five main decks. Take an audio tour that’s included in the ticket costs. 

The tour involves the bridge, state suites, royal bedrooms, sun lounge, tearoom royal platform, quarters of the crew, and the gleaming engine bay. Hear information regarding each house, see photos of the royal family on board the yacht, and find out what life was like for monarchy crew members. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t leave the onboard sweet shop

Talk a Walk Along the Sea in Anglesey

The Isle of Anglesey has stunning towns with plenty of places to enjoy a nice meal or a comfortable cocktail on your date. The area is a lovely destination with plenty of options for walking along a spectacular coastline. 

Built in the eighteenth century, Llynnon Mill is one illustration of providing you with breath-taking views of the coast. The French-inspired Chateau Rhianfa is perched on the Menai Strait, a quiet hideaway of romance.

Enjoy a Quiet Picnic at Llangorse Lake

Llangorse Lake in Brecon Beacons is South Wales’ biggest natural lake. The lake is the subject of stories and wistful thoughts, and has a significant role in the culture of Welsh. A castle of the tenth century stands at the crannog of the bay, a tiny island at the water’s edge. The grassy banks of Llangorse have the ideal atmosphere for a romantic picnic.


Go for Wine Tasting at a Welsh Vineyard

 S POD VIP with HOT TUB: Just within walking distance of the Penrhyn Quarry, and 28.6 miles from the Anglesey Airport, makes 5 POD VIP with HOT TUB a fabulous location for Zip World and travelers coming into the city.  

 Cycle to the Zipwire: Within walking distance of the Penrhyn Quarry, and furnished with 3 beds and 1 bathroom with a shower, makes this a cozy and peaceful holiday home for you or a group of friends out on a thrill seeking adventure in Wales.

Tepee Valley Campsite, Armagh

Tepee Valley is an award-winning campsite and the spot to stay beneath the stars for special retreats and sleepwalks. For unforgettable trips, there are all kinds of cool cover-ups – from log cabins to gypsy caravans, tepees, yurts and more. 

Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains, known as ‘na Beanna Bóirche’ in Gaelic, are known throughout the world for their majestic beauty and inspiration for The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. In Songwriter Percy French’s terms, you’ll be in the position ‘Where the Mourne Mountains cascade down to the sea’ and you can’t help but be washed away by its majesty.

Hold Hands on a Beautiful Beach

The UK has some beautiful beaches, carved by wind, ice age glaciers and long-distance Atlantic currents. The National Trust of Wales in turn listed some of the best places to bring up the problem last year and several of them were beaches. Watergate Bay, Saunton Sands, Compton Bay, and Sandsend are amongst the most common.

See a Play Under the Stars

Everybody enjoys the theatre, so take your lover to the next stage to enjoy an open-air play. Although you may like to hope that the climate in Britain is your favour, this is the perfect plan for a summer date. 

Take your spot in the 1240-seat auditorium in London’s regent park, and experience shows including new entertainment and musicals. Plus, why not make a night out on the lawn and carry a summer hamper (with fizz) to enjoy? This is going to be one beautiful evening of fairy lights twinkling across the forest.

Explore an Unusual Place

The UK has its fair share of hidden locations coupled with famous attractions – great for a fun couple’s day out. They vary from overlooked spots of natural scenery to unusual places and secret locations that share their own interesting stories. 

Nestling among the southeaster fringes of the magnificent Peak District National Park, Lumsdale Falls exudes a peaceful yet mesmerizing charm. Saunter along the beautiful pathways of the jungle, overflowing with nature before crashing down these breath-taking slides. Lumsdale falls is one of the interesting neighbourhoods. 

Equally special and fascinating are the secret ones located right across this absolutely wonderful area. Discover picture-perfect natural beauty as well as old ruins that tell compelling stories, perfect for a romantic retreat.

Have a Romantic Night on the Millennium Wheel in London

The London Eye or millennium wheel as it is also called, is one of the finest ways to experience the scenic scenery of the Thames flowing along the well-lit avenues, ancient houses and futuristic skyscrapers that make up the cityscape of London. 

To truly wow your loved one, attempt a ride at sunset and add a bottle of champagne and a private capsule. When you want to see London light up in the dark, book a capsule between 6pm and 9pm. 

Enjoy a Spa Weekend

Spa weekends are not exclusively for women. They’re perfect for lovers wanting to spend a few evenings calming down and just loving the company of each other. In addition, several luxury resorts offer award-winning restaurants and you can experience a candlelit dinner or other sporting amenities such as gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor pools or even golf.

The Best Beaches in the UK for a Honeymoon Holiday

The breath-taking landscapes in Britain include much more than cliffs, lakes and rivers. Here is our pick of 13 of the region’s best beaches for your honeymoon holiday:

Porthcurno Cove, Cornwall

Small but beautifully shaped, this tiny turquoise bay is the material that lets you dream. At least that’s what producers think of the ‘Poldark’ venue: they used this stunning beach on Cornwall’s western foot as the place for a fantasy sequence in Series two. 

But it’s not just celebrities who want to hang out here: occasionally whales and basking sharks are seen in the cool waters too. The stream of smooth, white-shell sand and freshwater also makes this a famous family beach.

Iona's North Coast

Located off the southwestern coast of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. Only 1. 5 miles wide and 3 miles long, it has a community of only 120 permanent inhabitants that live amid a range of amazing animals including seals, puffins, dolphins, whales and basking sharks, in addition to enjoying the island’s abundance of spectacular beaches. 

West Wittering

From Chichester it is a long, narrow and sometimes traffic-shocked route to the Witterings, but that’s what makes this Sussex beach feel isolated. The good, clear strip of beach, facing the Solent and Chichester harbour, is spotlessly clean and paddling pools are accessible at low tide. Acrobatic windsurfers are running by at the surface. 

You will traverse a small plateau from the extreme west end to East Head, a stunning and isolated sand-dune spot at the mouth of the harbour. Be there early to save a reserved space and bag the lines.

Woolacombe Beach

North Devon’s Woolacombe beach extends on for many miles, making plenty of space for beach sports or sunbathing on its golden beaches. The shallow shoreline and the crashing waves make it a famous surf location. Instead, you might go kayaking or jet-skiing around the coast on calmer days.

Holkham Beach

Among all, the most popular is Holkham Beach. Access to Holkham beach is on the A149, just across the road from the Victoria hotel, via the lady Anne. It is about a mile away from Lady Anne’s Drive to Holkham Bay, with its amazing beach expanse offering visitors the chance to gait for as many miles as they wish. Paid car park is open on Lady Anne’s Drive.

Three Cliffs Bay, Wales

Many roads snake across the grasslands on top of the Gower Peninsula’s granite cliffs, going across tiny swamps, unkempt meadow and castle ruins before eventually arriving at Three Cliffs Bay – a picturesque little bay that is arguably one of Wales’s most spectacular locations. 

A river meanders out into the jagged peaks toward the ocean through the bay. Its geological occurrence creates a small marshland that runs through a beach of weeds, rock pools and shallow lagoons patched.

Benone Bay, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland

During the summer months this long strip of sandy beach is incredibly popular with locals. Seasonally, hundreds travel into their caravans, or at least visit Every weekend. This is, to some, an annual migration. 

It’s something they do every year, and wouldn’t think of moving somewhere else when what they need is right here for them. So, who should argue? Downhill is within convenient driving reach of Castlerock, Limavady and Derry.

Weymouth Bay, Weymouth Beach, Dorset

Weymouth Beach is a 3-mile beach just minutes from the city centre and historic harbour. There’s plenty of entertainment to embrace from traditional attractions like punch & Judy and donkey rides, to lively events like beach free summer fireworks displays, volleyball competitions and live music. 

During the quietest months, enjoy a walk around the level promenade or on the beach with your puppy, take part in the Christmas “chase the chocolate” challenge or simply chill in the heat on a summer day. 

Compton Inlet, Isle of Wight

Possibly one of the greatest kept secrets of the Isle of Wight, Compton Cove can be found along the West Wight coastline and has since been a common rendezvous for locals, experienced surfers and kite surfers because to its unbelievable constant conditions: decent breaks and huge waves stimulated by the sturdy south-west breeze. 

Through its bright seas, large stretches of grit and richly decorated cliffs, many agree that Compton parallels the California coastline – providing you with all the best parts without the inconvenience of flying and the additional benefit of this stunning place being only a quick Ferry ride away.

Cuckmere Haven, Seaford

This is also among the best beaches near London. The curious will discover the foreshore eastwards at low tide all the way to the Birling Gap, or travel west for sea caves. This place was a popular Bloomsbury Collection spot, not far removed from Charleston House museum. Be careful about currents by the mouth of the river and being cut off by tides when exploring the undercliff area.



Broadstairs is a smaller town than Margate and Ramsgate, its neighbour. However, this doesn’t suggest you can write it off, the town has a range of cafes and restaurants right on the sand, including ice cream parlours and trendy designer shops throughout the 1950s.


Tywyn Beach, Gwynedd


This 5-mile sandy beach stretch with shingles and breakers is ideal for walking. There’s hardly any other soul around in the low season and even on sunny summer days the beach is too big to get really busy. At high tide, lots of life gets washed up, so it is perfect with your loved one for a time alone. (Watch out for medleys though).

The Most Romantic Restaurants for Your Honeymoon Holiday in the UK

Whether it is an early morning breakfast, an afternoon meal, or a serene setting for dinner in the evening, the United Kingdom is swamped with restaurants, it would be impossible to talk about all in one article. 

We also realise it can be daunting to make a selection as there are a number of amazing choices. Luckily, we are here to help. Here is a list of ten of our best restaurants around the UK – to share that meal with your other half:

Rocpool – Inverness, Scottish Islands

Commenced in 2002, this restaurant has a fantastic standing on the westward side of the Ness river in the heart of Inverness. Constructed from cut-glass on two flanks, the restaurant allows customers to appreciate the near Inverness Fortress, erected in 1836, along with the sight over the town. 

The interior design is well-lit and fresh, as is fitting for contemporary European-style cuisine with an emphasis on utilizing the highest-class Scots produce. Anticipate loads of seasonal crops from local vendors selected by hand and small retail channels. You’ll find Speyside venison, Highland beef, Mallaig’s smoked salmon on the west coast, Black Isle pork and Shetland Islands mussels on the Rocpool menu.

The Breakwater Cafe Brixham, Devon

The Breakwater is just one stone’s throw from Berry Head. The cafe has been there serving ice creams and the like for a long time, but in the last few years it has grown into a great eatery with an atmosphere of cafe throughout the day with more casual dinners at night. This family owned bistro provides breath-taking views of the half-mile-long Breakwater with Torquay and Paignton viewed on the other side enviably away. 

The Wild Rabbit, Kingham

We get filthy. Obviously by which we say a heart-warming romantic meal accompanied by a sandy cross-country stroll or romp to the local farm park. The wild rabbit is called ‘Britain’s poshest restaurant’ and is situated in the idyllic Gloucestershire countryside in the UK’s biggest sustainable farmland. 

Strictly a ‘modern British pub’ rather than a restaurant, but this is not an ordinary inn, not least because Lady Bamford is the landlord. The idyllic scenery of the village and the chic ‘at home’ feel coupled with high-end, award-winning cuisine make this a perfect destination for a casual dining experience where couples with the need to please can sit back and appreciate the spacious kitchen theatre and admire the trendy decor.

The Bow Row Restaurant, York

The restaurant aims to deliver premium quality, some of which is cultivated in the kitchen, ‘ensuring the highest consistency and sustainability standards. ‘The 22-seat restaurant covers over half an acre of garden surrounding the city walls. You will experience the beautiful long galleries of the hotel as a diner and the charming library for drinks before or after dinner. The Bow restaurant itself is intimate and romantic, in a crisp, candlelit cloth.

Hadrian's Brasserie, Northumberland

Hadrian’s, with stunning views and a matching menu. Perfect for an exciting evening of food and perfectly chosen wine. An exquisitely designed restaurant, serving Northumberland’s freshest produce. Don’t skip out on our locally influenced must-try recipes and seasonal specials – very great. We’re sure you’ll appreciate a dinner to recall with wine tips from your waiter.

Chargrill, Isle of Skye

Specializes in grill and seafood dishes grilled to perfection with a seasonal menu utilizing the best of the best Skye and highlands products from Scotland. Our outdoor terrace, with the Cuillin mountains as a background, provides amazing views of Portree, making it a perfect spot to chill with a cocktail before dinner.



One of those Welsh words that are hard to define, Cwtch can mean a ‘cubby hole’ or a ‘cuddle. True to reputation, at this petit bistro in the heart of St David’s, you’ll find welcoming nooks and crannies and a cosy embrace of an environment. 

The pared-back rustic interior is characterized by wood floors, welsh slate, whitewashed stone walls, bookshelves and chalkboard menuses. The food avoids new-catched dalliances in favour of consistency in slipping through showstoppers like Welsh lamb double (pan-fried and shank).

Balthazar, London


Brassy, an enthusiastic and classically cosmopolitan importer, this NYC combines snappy customer care with gallic joie de vivre in a luxurious atmosphere with mirrored fortifications, red leather banquettes and miscellany floors. The all-day menu ensures  Manhattan encounters Montmartre, that is only the receipt for that special day – the must-try breads and pastries from Balthazar are sure to melt the toughest of hearts.


Padella is truly one of London’s greatest gems, but at best it is also difficult to grab a seat. Sister restaurant Trullo is for you if you want the same exceptional pasta but with the ability to book a table in advance for a date.

The hollow basement is intensely romantic, the stairs feel light and family and the diet is spectacular all over the place. There is a change in the menu regularly, but you can always be sure that there will be an amazingly good selection of roast meats (some on the grill, some not) plus antipasti and primi to share.

The lamb and aubergines were serving well as we went, the best combination of fruity and earthy. When you found out its structure, a roast grouse with figs and lentils was tasty too. But the big hit here, no matter where you go, is the variety of pasta: if there’s the pappardelle with rabbit and porcini ragu, citrus and rosemary, it’s a good case that gaminess is the thing that takes ragu from comfort food to an art piece.

Rocpool – Inverness, Scottish Islands

Commenced in 2002, this restaurant has a fantastic standing on the westward side of the Ness river in the heart of Inverness. Constructed from cut-glass on two flanks, the restaurant allows customers to appreciate the near Inverness Fortress, erected in 1836, along with the sight over the town. 

The interior design is well-lit and fresh, as is fitting for contemporary European-style cuisine with an emphasis on utilizing the highest-class Scots produce. Anticipate loads of seasonal crops from local vendors selected by hand and small retail channels. You’ll find Speyside venison, Highland beef, Mallaig’s smoked salmon on the west coast, Black Isle pork and Shetland Islands mussels on the Rocpool menu.

Holiday Lettings for a Honeymoon Holiday

The United Kingdom is scattered with a good number of impressive accommodations, that will suit you and your partner, considering; taste, interests, location and budget. At booking.com, there are a host of perfect lodgings, to satisfy your needs. Below are our top picks:

  1. Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel



  1.     The Globe Inn, Devon



  1.     Milburn Cottage, Northumberland



  1.     Lochview, Guesthouse, Isle of Skye



  1.     Glass Island Ballycastle, Causeway Coast



  1.     Bryn Hebog, Pembrokeshire



  1.     Star Castle, Isle of Scilly



  1.     The Whitehouse, York



  1.     Uwch Menai, Snowdonia



  1. Ness Walk, Inverness



  1. The Clarkes, Lake District



  1. Modern Quirky Exeter City Cottage, Devon



  1. Native Tower Hill, London



  1. 2 Bell Street, Llangorse Lake



  1. Wayside, Tepee Valley


Getting Around the UK on Your Honeymoon Holiday

Couples typically love walking and exploring every bit of old-world charm in any city or area. The alternate forms of travel, though, are often seen as cheaper, quicker and safer.

Walking: Typically, people enjoy walking along the beautiful streets and it’s the most fun way to wander with your soulmate.

Double-decker Busses: The most fun way to explore the cities is to find a seat on the second level of the famous double-decker buses.

The tube: One of the most common forms of transport is the tube which is an underground structure for moving around.

Rent A Car: You are going to spend twice the amount and the energy on renting a car. Not just that, but you end up paying the rent fee.

Taxi: You can always find a taxi at any and every street for your own convenience.

Security Tips on Your Honeymoon Holiday

Like anywhere in the world, there are killjoys, who can make what is supposed to be an awesome experience, become a bitter one. Hence, it is important to be cautious of your environment, to ensure your honeymoon turns out the way you and your partner envisage it. Here are a few security tips, that will be handy:

  1.     Plan your route before you leave.
  2.     Only patronise taxis or listed minicabs.
  3.     Avoid walking alone at night. Keep to well-lit main roads.
  4.     Be cautious of wearing headphones – they reduce consciousness of your surroundings.
  5. Call the authorities for non-emergencies by dialling 999 or 101

Emergency Health Services in the UK

The Office of Accident and Emergency (A&E) offers those with critical accidents or diseases access to high-quality treatment and emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A doctor or nurse at A&E may examine the situation and determine upon future intervention. If you have read till this point, then we strongly believe you have all the information required, to have a memorable time on your honeymoon in the United Kingdom. Don’t hesitate any longer, a world of amazing adventure awaits.