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The Best Natural Sights in the UK

The United Kingdom is a great country to spend your nature holidays because of its natural attractions across different cities.  Tourists have found the UK to be the world’s favourite location to explore the wonders of nature such as glacial lakes, ancient coves, balanced rocks, sky-piercing mountains, rare animals and other exceptional creatures on earth.

Nature holidays can help you curb with stress and can also be extremely stimulating. If you want a fun filled, fitness inducing holiday full of adventure and exploration then one of the destinations in the guide may be what you’re looking for.

Read on to explore the best breathtaking natural beauties in the UK that money can’t buy and how to plan your best nature holidays in the UK.


The Cotswolds is one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This is a beautiful English scenery with green hills, sky-piercing mountains and historical sights. It comprises mind-blowing beauty sights such as Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire, Gloucestershire. 

North Pennines

This is the second biggest UK’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is characterized by different wild high moorland peaks with impressive natural attractions.

Suffolk Coast & Heaths

The Suffolk Coast & Heaths is also one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The region contains famous coastal scenery of Britain including Europe’s highest shingles and sandy beaches. Southwold and Aldeburgh are the traditional seaside destinations of Suffolk Coast & Heaths that you cannot afford to miss. 

High Weald

High Weald is one of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the UK with historic woodlands such as Ashdown Wood and Seven Wonders which include family fun farm parks, castles, vineyards, and steam railways.

 Isles of Scilly

This is another natural sight in the UK. It’s one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with magnificent tropical gardens. Interesting activities to do at Isles of Scilly include watching boat trips, watching birds and walking.


Dorset is one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) surrounded by beaches, coastal landmarks such as Durdle Gate and secluded bays. This is one of the best natural sights in the UK you can’t afford to miss. 

Lake District

The Lake District is the UNESCO World Heritage Area in England that will capture your attention while visiting northern England. Lake District has approximately seventeen breathtaking lakes within its national park.

Once you’re here, you should check out Windermere’s larger lake, find out more about Beatrix Potter and explore the other natural sights as you can. If you want to visit a quiet lake, check out places like Ullswater Lake that have fewer visitors.


Cairngorms is a safe and calm part of Scotland that you shouldn’t miss out on your nature holiday in the UK. When you’re here, ensure you locate The Monadhliath Mountains paths which are great for hiking and wanderings.

Northumberland Coastline

The Northumberland Coastline is an area of exceptional natural beauty and a totally magnificent place to visit when you are in the north of England. While here, ensure that you discover some breathtaking bays, visit the ancient Holy Island and some famous castles in the Northumberland Coastline.

You can also choose to take a ride to the Farne Islands, a small outcrop of uninhabited islands which is famous for dolphins, puffins and whales. The Northumberland Coastline is a special place to consider when you are planning your nature holidays in the UK.

Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is a natural world heritage site in the UK. A visit to this site will expose you to the black basalt columns and the over 200 plant species that beautify the Giant Causeway. 

Highland of Scotland

The Highland of Scotland is an iconic place in the UK that makes you feel like you are a million miles away from civilization when you visit it. Towering glacial cliffs, rocky coastlines and plenty of coos render Highlands of Scotland one of the UK’s finest natural sights to visit.

Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters is a stunning place in England to enjoy your holiday. The Seven Sisters which is facing the English Channel is one of the fascinating natural wonders in the UK because of its historic valleys that were cut off by the sea.

Peak District

Peak District is a convenient spot to explore in the UK. Once here, ensure that you visit the hidden flow of the Winnats Crossing that flows through the caverns. Travel over to Chatsworth house afterwards to appreciate the wonders of nature in the Peak District.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast is one of the best natural sights in the UK. The fascinating thing about this place is that there’s too much to explore. Here you will see the UNESCO protected coastline, see Durdle Door and Old Harry Rocks. The entire place is beautiful. You can confirm this by moving down to Corfe Castle for a little walk.

Climb Snowdonia

Climb Snowdonia is a stunning place in the UK and a  home to the highest peak in England (Mount Snowdon). When you are here, secure your hiking shoes and move to the top. But if you feel a bit more relaxed, take the train to the peak and admire the spectacular views of Northwest Wales.

What are the Best Adventure Activities on a Nature Holiday in the UK?

Nature holidays can boost your brain, get rid of your stress, enhance your fitness, stimulate your imagination and lots more. To achieve these you have to venture into one activity or other while on your nature holidays. Thus, you should consider the following the activities:


Swimming is a nature-friendly activity. The best wild spots in the UK include Blue Lagoon (Wales), Blue Sea Pool (England), Pedn Vounder (West Cornwall, Hampstead Heath (England), River Frome (England), and Portstewart Strand (Northern Ireland) among others.

Climbing rock

You may choose to venture into rock climbing in places like Isle of Skye (Scotland), Pembroke (Wales), Land’s End (Cornwall), Malham Cove (Yorkshire) etc.


If you are interested in surfing you will have a great experience while surfing at the UK’s best surf spots such as Fistal Beach (Cornwall), Saltburn (North Yorkshire), Croyde (North Devon), Llangennith (Gower Peninsula), and Kimmeridge Bay (Dorset) etc.


You may be interested in Kite-buggying while on your nature holidays. You should visit the best Kite-buggying spots in the UK such as New Hustanton (Norfolk), St. Ives Bay (Cornwall), Troon (Scotland), Marazion (Cornwall), Lancing Beach (Brighton), St. Anne’s Beach (Blackpool)and Pendine (Carmarthenshire) etc.

Trail running

If you are interested in trail running your satisfaction is guaranteed at the UK’s best running trails such as South Downs Way National Trail, Wales Coast Path, Pennine Way National Trail and West Highland Way Great Trail etc. 

Wild camping

Perhaps you may be interested in wild camping while on your nature holiday in the UK. You should locate places like Haystacks (Lake District), Yes Tor (Dartmoor), Carneddau (Snowdonia), Glenfeshie (Cairngorms), The Cheviots (Northumberland), and Camasunary (Isle Skye) etc. 


The following places are famous for coasteering activities in the UK: Greve De Lecq (Jersey), St. Bees (Cumbria), Dancing Ledges (Dorset), Horwick (Northumberland), Abereiddy Bay (Pembrokeshire), and Mullion Cove (Cornwall) etc. If you are interested in coasteering it is important to visit one of these places.


This is another nature-friendly adventure you should consider while on your nature holidays in the UK. North Wales and Snowdonia National park are the best packrafting spots in the country.

Via Ferrata 

There is much to explore about the wonders of nature by climbing the sky-piercing mountains in the UK. The best via ferrata spots in the UK includes Honister Pass (England),  Yorshire Dales  and Abbey Town (England) etc.


If you are interested in hiking then you should locate the best hiking spots in the UK such as The Glyders (Snowdonia), Ben Macdui (Cairngorms), Yorkshire Three Peaks (Pennine), Slieve Binnian (Co. Down), and Coniston loop (Lake District) etc. 

How do I Prepare for Nature Holidays in the UK?

The following are the step-by-step guides on prepare for nature holidays in the UK:

 Set a budget

Nature holidays require strategic preparation that involves setting a budget. What should determine the size of your budget should be the number of people you are going with, cost of accommodation, transport fare, eating choices, insurance, and other needs.

You never know what could attract your eye during your adventure trip. There are little things that will make the budget go much higher. The amount you will invest is going to have a significant impact on your holiday. It’s worth taking a couple of calculations to make a surplus budget.

Choose your destination

Consider a destination that fits your needs and that’s affordable for your nature holiday.  Do the following to determine if a destination is affordable or not: 

  1. Check flight costs
  2. Browse on  to know the accommodation cost.
  3. Confirm the cost of life and feeding.

Decide the length of your holiday

There’s a clear line between getting bored and enjoying every moment of a nature holiday. The holiday arrangements lie on the length of your holiday. You should critically put everything to consideration before deciding the length of your holiday.

Research about your destination

You should research the security conditions of your destination before arriving. Ensure that the destination is not through civil strife and there are no infectious medical issues or something similar that may be a big security concern. 

Arrange your passport and visa

Give yourself plenty of time to schedule your application for a passport or to update it. The more time you set out for the arrangement the easier for you. Visit the embassy or consulate of your destination to be informed of any visa conditions, travel limits or banned objects.

Book flight and accommodation

Book your flight early to avoid frustrating events. Transportation to your destination is likely to be restricted during peak seasons. It is also important to make early booking of your accommodation to meet your standard available.

Cover your holiday

Travel insurance will save you from out-of-pocket costs especially  if your flight is cancelled and your possessions and personal items are robbed. It will also help you if you fall sick and require medical treatment while on your holiday.

Determine when you will travel

Research the location and know the best moment to visit it. Weigh the benefits of high season vs. low season holiday. Although the weather is favourable during peak season, the cost is relatively high.  Many countries encounter severe weather at various periods of the year, from temperatures which are frigid or stifling to typhoons and cyclones. It is important to research the weather condition of your holiday destination before deciding when to travel.

Pack your bags

It is crucial that you prepare in such a manner that your luggage is within their weight limit of your airline while packing all the necessary items. If you’re packing thick jumpers for a cold destination, keeping your suitcase within its weight allowance can be tricky.

So, Where and how can I Find the Best Accommodation in the UK ?

There is always a wide range of lodging choices. You should make your choice based on your schedule, preferences, venue, and the number of travellers in your group. The following are the best and affordable nature-friendly holiday accommodations in the UK: