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7 Thrilling Adventures You Can Do in The UK This Holiday.

Sometimes, taking a laid-back holiday doesn’t cut it. It never really satiates the mind and body, does it?

The UK is a remarkable destination for seasoned or greenhorn-thrill-seekers craving new heart-surging adventures. Shock up your system, and take on a daredevil sport like coasteering, abseiling, hiking, and even the rock climbing, and drive yourself further than you ever thought possible. (Sure, of course, not all of them at once!) You get to see areas of the coastline and scenery that you really can’t reach by usual pedestrian means.

Read on as we list seven options for getting your heart surging with adrenaline; some, known to you, and others, perfect for greenhorns – but you bet are all extremely fun!

Go Ultimate Powerboating at the Shamrock Quay (Southampton, England)

Experience extreme sporting action with not one, or two, but three speed boats – Honda 4 Stroke, Jet Viper and Thundercat! You get to demo ride, high-speed, on Solent waters at the Shamrock Quay, Southampton.

Get geared up in your powersports racing kit and safety gear, to enjoy the following on your ultimate powerboating day :

  • 60 minutes session with the Thundercat, with tutorials and instructions on racing and cornering techniques, high speed take offs, and wave jumping, and about 10-minute drive-time.
  • 60 minutes session on the Honda racing powerboat, with about 10 minutes personal drive time.
  • 60 minutes Jet Viper thrill ride displaying crash stops, donuts, side spins and slides.
  • 6 hours at the marina for the entire day experience, with a minimum of 3 hours spent on water.

And a souvenir photo to take home with you.

How do you get there from London ?

The City of Southampton is an hour away, and the Marina is within close proximity of Southampton City Centre. 

Where to stay in Southampton ?

If you’re new to the city, and clueless on where to stay, check out these cool places, while you explore the uniqueness of Southampton!

Jurys Inn Southampton: Great for couples, and just 0.9 miles from The Waterfront-Shamrock Quay, Jurys Inn overlooks East Park, and has a 24-hour reception and a modern restaurant. What’s more, it is less than a mile from the Southampton Central Railway Station.

Highfield University House Hotel: Great for family, and is about 1.3 miles from The Waterfront-Shamrock Quay. This Holiday home is located in the suburb of Portswood, Southampton, and about 2 miles from the Southampton City Centre, with easy access to the two M27 and M3 motorways nearby.

Comes fitted with 4 beds and 2 baths; a modern equipped kitchen and a terrace.

However, while you’re at it, be sure to note;

  • Powerboating is not suitable for pregnant women, or people who suffer from spine, back and heart issues.
  • It is unsuitable for those under 12 years.
  • For those under the age of 16, a participating parent or guardian must be followed.
  • You should wear shorts or pants, with shoe trainers.
  • Bring along with you, a change of clothes.
  • You will be given both protection and waterproof gears.

Camp on a Cliff (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Do you know how insane it is to dangle over a steep cliff, with nothing but rocks and a raging sea underneath? Great – now imagine camping under the same circumstances, and you’re sure to spit your heart out, no kidding.

This is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. Why, it isn’t even a regular cup! By dangling 4,000ft above ground and sea level, with nothing but a tent connecting you to a cliff face, while you try to catch a quick sleep – we welcome you to the peak of extreme mountaineering and camping!

Surely, you’ve heard of a few places to go cliff camping, but the basics still remain – If you’re fit, and can overcome your fear of heights, climbing, falling, slipping, and the fear of having to use the loo, above sea level, in the middle of the night – then you should add (and tick off) these places in your bucket list.

Home to rocky caves, snowy mountains, rugged cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches, Wales is a must-visit for every thrill seeker. You can camp your portaledge on the coastal cliffs at Pembrokeshire, just above the Atlantic, to have a thrilling time.

How do you get there from London ?

You can get to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from London through different ways.

By bus, it takes around 7h 30m to get to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from London – National Express runs a bus from London Victoria Coach Station to Haverfordwest once daily, and costs anything between £13 – £18 for tickets. 

Whereas, the train from London Paddington to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park via Cardiff Central and Haverfordwest takes 5h 26m, and would cost you about £150 – £280, and using your car would take you less than 5 hours.

Where to stay in Pembrokeshire ?

Check out these budget-friendly places to stay during your visit;

Victoria Inn Brewhouse B&B: This inn is easily a favorite. All rooms are ensuite, and fitted with a wardrobe, and other necessary facilities, including free WiFi. It’s just 1.2 miles away from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, 25 miles from Tenby, and 9.3 miles away from St Davids. 

The Coach House Hotel: This hotel is an excellent choice for cliff climbers visiting Pembrokeshire, as it is just 2.1 miles away from the Coast National Park. Once a medieval traveling inn, the hotel sits less than a 10-minute walk from the magnificent castle of Pembroke, along the charming high street. The Coach House Hotel provides free private parking, and free Wi-Fi. The sleek, wooden-floored restaurant serves English food, and there is a bar on-site.

Bungee Jumping in Chepstow, (Gloucestershire, England)

You may have tried other Bungee Jump venues, but that’s all child’s play compared to this one at Chepstow, Gloucestershire. This Bungee Jump is the highest in the UK, with a towering 100ft more than the previous highest, and is set over a cliff!

How cool is that!

Of course, at a staggering 400ft, the Tandem Bungee Jump at Chepstow is a special event, and only holds on select dates throughout the year. You may have to call in and book days before the event, get settled around Chepstow, so you don’t miss the ultimate thrill of a lifetime.

How do you get there from London ?

There are no one-stop trains from London to Chepstow. You can however, take a departing train from London Paddington that travels via Gloucestershire to Chepstow. The journey takes about 2h 45m, including stops and transfers. 

If you prefer buses, then take one departing from London Victoria Coach Station, with a one-stop at Chepstow. The journey takes approximately 2h 45m.

While in Chepstow, getting to the National Diving & Activity Centre is easy peasy. Take a bus, or a taxi, and you should be arriving in about 10 minutes, with less than £5 spent.

Where to stay in Chepstow ?

While at Chepstow, you can stay in the following places:

The Beaufort Hotel: Beaufort hotel is centrally located and less than 2 miles away from the National Diving & Activity Centre – which is great if you’re in town for Bungee Jumping. 

Beaufort Hotel is also close to Chepstow’s popular landmarks such as the Mathern Mill, and Severn Bridge. There is a great on-site restaurant, and they serve splendid meals! Though, if you’re craving something more latino, be sure to check out Panevino, an Italian restaurant, nearby.

Broadrock: Broadrock provides B&B accommodation in the Wye Valley. The property is 40-minute drive away from Bristol and Cardiff, and a 4-minute drive to National Diving and Activity Centre. All rooms are fitted with a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, though some have garden views too. The bathroom is en suite and features a steam head.

While you’re excited to jump off a cliff, know that you cannot Bungee Jump if you have : 

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Are Pregnant
  • A Heart Condition
  • A Neurological Disorder

You are to dress up in comfortable, everyday clothes that suit the weather – think twice before you wear skirts – there’s a reason we don’t recommend them – some personal items, a rucksack, a bottle of water, a head torch and your camera of course. 

Abseil Down the Forth Rail Bridge (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Whatever goes up must come down – but no one said anything about free falling 165ft into a sandy beach.

The unique abseil challenge at the Forth Rail bridge, holds twice every year, and is perfect for all types of adrenaline junkies.  So, if you’re one with little time to seek out adventures, you can save up your energy for a descent you won’t forget in two lifetimes! 

What’s more, with the event, you abseil for a reason – Charity.

How do you get there from London ?

The distance between London and Forth Rail Bridge is 543km.

Of course, you can always fly to Edinburgh from London, in fact, it is highly recommended – depending on the airport you’re flying from, you should arrive at your destination in approximately 4h 30m. This would cost you anything between £80 – £350.

There are no one-stop buses from London station to Forth Rail Bridge; however, there are bus services departing from the London Victoria Coach Station to Queensferry, Slip Road, through Edinburgh. The journey takes approximately 11h 20m, including stops and transfers, and costs £17 – £28.

If you prefer a train instead, then take one departing from London Kings Cross to Dalmeny through Edinburgh, and you’ll arrive at your destination in approximately 4h 50m, and would cost you about £52 – £390.

Where to stay in Edinburgh ?

You can stay in these highly recommended places when visiting Edinburgh;

DoubleTree by Hilton Edinburgh – Queensferry Crossing: Within close proximity of Edinburgh city centre and Edinburgh Airport, this hotel boasts of a spectacular view of the Firth of Forth, spacious rooms, a bar and restaurant that serves both local and international cuisines, and free WiFi.

 Hampton By Hilton Edinburgh Airport: This hotel is just 2 minutes’ walk away from Edinburgh Airport. Once you book a room in Hampton by Hilton, you get Free WiFi, and a complimentary buffet of hot and cold items each morning, that includes a variety of cereals, waffles, pastries, and different snacks and drinks, available 24 hours, on request.

Try the Fastest Zip Wire in the World (Bethseda, Wales)

The Velocity 2 Zip Wire at Penrhyn Slate Quarry, is currently sitting at the top as the fastest zip line in the world and longest in Europe. Located near Bethesda in North Wales, this thrill ride offers you an exhilarating experience at a speed of over 100mph, and a staggering height of 500m above the bright blue quarry lake. The Velocity 2 boasts of a 1555m line that shows you Snowdonia, Anglesey and The Isle of Man on a clear day (if you can keep your fear at bay, and your eyes open, that is).

How to get there from London ?

You can get to the Penrhyn Quarry from London by driving – this will cost you £40 – £60, and takes approximately 4 hours to reach your destination.

Using a train however, is the quickest way to get to the Penrhyn Quarry from London. This will cost you £103 – £330, and takes 3h 25m to get to your destination.

Where to stay at Bethseda ?

 S POD VIP with HOT TUB: Just within walking distance of the Penrhyn Quarry, and 28.6 miles from the Anglesey Airport, makes 5 POD VIP with HOT TUB a fabulous location for Zip World and travelers coming into the city.  

 Cycle to the Zipwire: Within walking distance of the Penrhyn Quarry, and furnished with 3 beds and 1 bathroom with a shower, makes this a cozy and peaceful holiday home for you or a group of friends out on a thrill seeking adventure in Wales.

Go on A Mountain Biking Holiday in Cumbria (Cumbria, England)

If you’re visiting the Cumbrian countryside for the first time, you’d think it was made for just mountain bikers – with hiking trails, single-track trails and really scary descents, scattered in all directions.

If you like that sort of thing, then hit those Cumbrian trails with your bikes on a thrill-seeking holiday in Penrith. Good thing though, you don’t need to be a pro to climb the mountains; head down to CycleActive in Penrith, and half your greenhorn cycling problems are solved.

It is recommended you wear the right sporting attire.  As for bikes, and protective gears, they are provided, and with an experienced instructor to boot.

How do you get there from London ?

Driving is the cheapest way you can get to Cumbria from London; it takes approximately 5 hours, and will cost you anything from £48 – £72, to get to your destination.

You can also take a train – The Avanti West Coast runs an hourly train to Penrith North Lakes from London Euston. Tickets cost £110 – £358 and it takes around 3 hours to get there.

Where to stay in Cumbria ?

The Furness Railway Wetherspoon: Located in Barrow, Furness, and 5 minutes’ walk away from the railway station, The Furness Railway Wetherspoon offers a spacious, ensuite, air-conditioned room, with free WiFi and a 24-hour reception throughout your stay.

The Daffodil Hotel & Spa: The Daffodil Hotel and Spa offers luxurious luxury on the shores of Grasmere water, situated in the heart of The Lake District and just a short walk into the village of Grasmere. Every morning a full English breakfast is served, and free WiFi is available throughout.

Make A Trip Up the Black Cuillin Mountains (Isle of Skye, Scotland)

Jagged, delightfully dramatic, and immensely powerful, the Black Cuillin is definitely not for the faint of heart. The Black Cuillin peaks are one of a kind, and the most challenging mountains in the UK.

If you’re an avid rock climber, then tackling the slippery peaks is a worthwhile mission you should embark on, especially if you can master the summits of Sgùrr Dearg, – a mountain famous for its Inaccessible Pinnacle, that is slippery when wet.

You can also walk the Cullin Ridge for a spectacular coasteering experience.

How to get there from London ?

Going by bus is the cheapest way to travel. You can take a bus departing from London Victoria to Cuillin Hills, traveling through Buchanan Bus Station and Sligachan, Hotel. Estimated travel time is 17h 33m, and costs about £44 – £70 to get to your destination.

However, going by flight is the quickest and most recommended way; you can take a flight from the London Heathrow Airport to Inverness Airport (not Glasgow, as that is a much longer route ) – estimated travel time is 1h 45m, and would cost you from £44 – £310 to get to your destination. Once there, you can take a train to the Isle of Skye.

Taking a train would take approximately 12 hours, and cost anything between £88- £520 to get to your destination.

There is no one-stop train from London to Cuillin Hills. To go by train, consider boarding one from the London Kings Cross to Inverness Bus Station, and then, a bus to the Isle of Skye. Estimated travel time is 12h 20m, including transfers, and would cost you £88- £570

Where to stay at Isle of Skye ?

Cuillin Hills Hotel: The Cullin Hills Hotel is recognized as a hotel of high quality on the Isle of Skye, and is classed as a 4-star deluxe hotel. The hotel has a lounge bar, a Malt Embassy that serves more than 130 malt-laced whiskies, and a restaurant with amazing views from every table. 

It is 8.6 miles from the Black Cuillin Mountains, and is perfect for visiting couples.

Skye Basecamp: Built with mountain climbers in mind, the Skye Basecamp is an independent hostel run by Skye Guides. The hostel has amazing mountain and sea views, making it a perfect hub for adventure seekers and tourists to meet. There are shared rooms and private en suite rooms for those seeking a little luxury, plus a large kitchen dining area.

Stay on the Bay: With a view to die for, this self-catering cabin is centrally situated in Broadford Bay, in the Isle of Skye. It has an open and spacious kitchen, living and dining area, which includes basic amenities like cooking utensils, dishwashers and an oven.

It is in close proximity to the Cuillin mountain, which is great if you’re on the island for mountain climbing.