Weekend Breaks

A Guide to Weekend Breaks in the UK

What are Weekend Breaks ?

A one, two or three-night stay at an enticing new place for some all-important downtime and recharge will do a lot of good. Set out on long country walks across summer meadows and woodland forests, and linger in traditional English pubs, to drink genuine ales and delicious regional grub. Prepare an escape in a cottage made of canvas with the girls, or take your loved one away for a vacation.

Discover a diverse side of an english coastline resort or eat your way around a foodie town; we have hundreds of ideas in England for quick breaks. The best thing about weekend holidays is that parents don’t have to appreciate it alone. For families they are the best way to spend some quality time together. And there are some other interesting, family friendly sites to explore, from the city zoos to the sanctuaries for wildlife, large tourist destinations and classic sights will make you and the kids happy.

Any kind of weekend break you pick from in the UK, there’s no easier place to relax. Families, mates and partners will appreciate anything from a hiking trip back to basics, to a luxurious getaway. If you’re searching for a UK quick break filled with fun – great for keeping kids out of trouble, or even a bit of peace and quiet and some child-free downtime, this article provides you with everything you need. The UK is the place to be for outdoor activities whether it’s on ground, water or high in the air.

Types of Weekend Breaks in the UK

England provides no end of exciting opportunities for unforgettable weekend vacations for friends, families or lone travelers, thanks to its rich past and the recognition for its many must-visit cultural attractions.

History enthusiasts are particularly spoiled for options, with an infinite number of lovely ancient cathedral towns such as Canterbury and Durham to explore. Go much further back in time, and you’ll find well-preserved evidence of the almost 2,000-year-old roman period in locations like spa, famed for its roman baths, whereas fans of the royal family can also experience what it’s like to be queen (or king) for a day of interactive tours through sites like Buckingham palace and Windsor castle!

To help you get the most from your time exploring the “Olde Country,” be sure to refer to our list of the best weekend breaks in the UK.

  • Luxury spa break
  • Summer in Portmeirion
  • Surfing in wales
  • Weekend in London
  • Dog training holiday
  • Camping in the peak district
  • Walking in the Lake District
  • Edinburgh food tour
  • Paddle boarding holiday
  • Tipi camping in Yorkshire
  • English Riviera beach break

The Best Romantic Destinations in the UK for Weekend Breaks

A fun minibreak is great to share quality time together, but there may be a lack of annual leave or a strict budget. The positive thing is that the UK is packed with stunning and scenic destinations that bring Paris or Venice love to shame – so you won’t experience the usual weekend and peak holiday seasons price hikes.

Instead, imagine luxurious rural retreats, stunning coastal walking areas, and charming towns with cosy bars to whiling away for a few hours. We rounded up some of our best choices from the UK’s most scenic attractions.

Visit Honey-colored Stone Towns in Cotswolds

Visit honey-colored stone towns, drink pints in historic pubs and visit some of Britain’s most beautifully restored Medieval churches. Rent a comfortable cottage and spend the days roaming around the picture-perfect countryside, visiting the picturesque, quintessentially British towns with lined streets and beautiful flower gardens.

Not only is the Cotswolds host to some of Britain’s finest hotels, but it’s peppered with lovely luxury cottages and room bars as well. Cheltenham jazz festival features some of the biggest faces in the jazz community and new stars.

With concerts and repertoires in Cheltenham town hall, the pittville pump house, cathedrals, abbeys, and churches throughout the area, the renowned Cheltenham music festival makes the most of its Cotswolds venue.

Do you want to be Haunted in York?

The city is renowned for its iconic architectural monuments such as York minster and the city walls, as well as a number of cultural and sporting events that make it a popular English tourist destination. York is one of the most famous cities to visit in the UK, so it’s no joke – spend a day in York and you’re sure to have been across all sorts of design from every period of human existence.

York is a beautiful city full of interesting discoveries, from the Medieval streets (the oldest retail street in Europe, recorded in literature as early as 1086 ad!), to the ruins of viking, and it is also claimed to be Europe’s most haunted place. Explore Castle Howard, one of the most spectacular stately homes in England, or marvel at the sight of the beautiful Brimham Rocks, an incredible array of wind-weathered rock formations.

The Moors of North York have more to sell than you may imagine. Crinkly coastlines, strong hills, deep wooded dales, timeless villages, historic abbeys and tumbling streams-everything that’s wonderful about England and good for walkers and bikers.

The park has 3 dark skies adventure places where you are sure to see the night sky like never before. There’s no lack of animal lovers encountered here in the moors of North York. You will go shark watching and also see whales and seals depending on the time of year. There are large populations of birds, where puffins, buzzards and razorbills are found.

You might also go riding across the park on horseback!

Stunning Scenery in London

If you’re seeking an action-packed weekend, London’s sure to deliver! Visit some of the greatest sights in the area, like the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. Discover the abundance of pubs and bars on sale, and spend the night enjoying a spectacular West End display.

Take a ride on the London Eye to enjoy breathtaking images of the city’s skyline and have a rare view of famous London icons such as Big Ben, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Hungerford Bridge. London is a shopper’s heaven and the world’s leading shopping destination: from flea markets and antique shops to premium department stores like Selfridges and Harrods, the possibilities are limitless.

Some of the most prominent fortifications in the country, the Tower of London has been used as a royal residence, a jail, an armoury and even a zoo. Today, it is a World Heritage Site where the Crown Jewels will dazzle you and hear stories from the Tower on tours given by the Yeoman Warders.

The mysterious London house, designed by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, is crammed within one thousand years of memory. The white tower – the legendary castle keep – holds the exhibits of the royal armouries, including the 350-year-old line of kings display and stunning royal arms owned by Henry VIII, Charles I and James II.

Wander through the special chapel of St. John the evangelist, discover the legends behind the notorious bloody tower and find out how it came to hold some very prominent inmates!

Rich Cultural Heritage of St Ives

Is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and is one of the most beautiful towns in Cornwall. Browse its galleries or lounge on its beautiful sandy beaches and appreciate a gentler style of life. Don’t forget the Tate St Ives Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, located in the former residence of the Modernist poet.

Peak District is Packed with Natural Beauty

The Peak District and Derbyshire is a region of natural beauty which contrasts with moors and dales, rivers, springs and caverns. The Peak District National Park is at its heart, recognized and enjoyed by millions for its breathtaking scenery, recreation, motivation and adventure. The region includes market towns, charming neighbourhoods, ancient buildings, popular attractions and hundreds of typical activities.

The Peak District is nestled in the middle of the country and is the first national park in the UK. The Peak District, a dramatic area of wild, mountainous moorlands and grassy limestone dales, promises spectacular biking, hiking, historic houses and world-class rock climbing.

You will also encounter all the park’s thrills across a variety of experiences as part of the english national park activity series – from ascending its dizzy heights on a hiking trip down into the deep to looking for unique blue john stone in Castleton’s caves. Hop on an electric bike and let a National Park Ranger lead you across the stunning White Peak region’s calcareous scenery while you experience a simple traffic-free ride over former railways.

Roll back to 1665 when, after an epidemic of the plague, the town took the bold measure of closing itself off from the outside world to avoid further transmission of the disease.

Marvellous Places to Visit for a Weekend Break in the UK

For your perfect weekend breaks, we have compiled a list of the marvellous places you should visit. Read on for more details;

Experience Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Wales is host to miles of beautiful beaches with an array of amazing sceneries. On the west coast of Wales is the Pembrokeshire area, the only coastal national park in Britain where you can explore stunning, award-winning beaches extending for miles, magnificent cliffs, scenic harbors and rough islands.

Experience wooded estuaries giving way to rocky mountains, spectacular sandy beaches, stunning rock formations and sea caves, making this one of Britain’s most exciting coastal places to visit. The Pembrokeshire coast national park is remarkable with its stunning beaches, mountains, harbors and coves. Wander along the 186-mile coastal road to enjoy the scenery and don’t neglect to watch out for impressive underwater animals including whales, dolphins and basking sharks.

The chapel of St Govan stone is cut out of the cliffs on the coast of Pembrokeshire and can only be reached by 52 steps down the hill. Designed to honor the St Govan Hermit who stayed here alone during the 6th century, it is a beautifully atmospheric location.

Today you can see a slight crevice in St Govan’s chapel where St Govan was hiding from villagers. You can also find markings on the rock surface in this crevice such as the outline of ribs. Local tradition says fulfillment of your wish would be given if you transform 3 times within the crevice!

Climbing Mountain Pikes in Lake District

A place of superlatives, the Lake District Park is the biggest in the UK and is proud to be the home of  England’s biggest lake, Lake Windermere and its highest mountain known as Scafell Pike.

A return to nature trip awaits the luxurious Graythwaite Estate in Lake District National Park on the banks of Lake Windermere. You will gain the knowledge you need to withstand a night in the Lake District such as fire lighting, shelter construction, water storage, simple campfire cooking and, of course, toasting marshmallows, in an action-packed 1. 5 hours.

Survival experience in enchanting environments! A creative, elegant market area, Kendal is the arts and culture hub of the Lakes and is filled with independent cafes and pubs. See a performance, show, comedy or music festival at the vibrant cultural centre of the area, the brewery arts center, or get your art fix at the secret treasure of the abbot hall art gallery, situated in abbot hall’s grade I building, built in the 18th century.

There are plenty of walking paths in Lake District to match your mood and capacity, from tough treks to relaxed strolls. Tarn hows is a perfect location for starting exploring the lake area. Tarn Hows, which was originally operated by children’s author Beatrix Potter, features an idyllic circular walk perfect for all ages. National Trust trampers, an all-terrain travel scooter, are eligible for use on the circular track to use for cash.

With all the lovely countryside to discover at Cumbria, after a long country stroll, you’ll need places to rest your tired legs. There are lots of cosy, typical pubs in the county – often selling locally made beers. 

Exploring Cornwall Coast

Don’t neglect your camera: the spectacular images of deep-wooded mountains, the bright blue sea and the picturesque fishing villages create the ideal postcard shot. Travel to Newquay, the surf capital of Cornwall, for outstanding hotels and nightlife, or seek the St Ives artist’s colony for fine-sand beaches and a range of esteemed galleries.

Cornwall’s spectacular coastline features famous tourism destinations such as ancient castle ruins with ties to Arthurian mythology, colonies of designers that have inspired contemporary British architecture, and the world’s greatest indoor rainforest – all resulting in Land’s End, the westernmost point of mainland England.

Cornwall has a strong gastronomic history too. Popular tv chefs Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein have restaurants on the coast of Cornwall and tourists will experience anything from michelin-starred cuisine to typical food such as cornish pasties and cornish cream teas. Cornwall is host to some of Britain’s most beautiful parks, including miles of rough and picturesque beaches, small country roads and enjoyable coastal walks.

The spring carries with it an array of tropical fresh blooms, offering an abundance of unique and exquisite flowers that display colors to show every day. You’ll consider St Michael’s Mount just off the coast at Marazion in Cornwall. This island fortress, cut off from the mainland at high tide, is shrouded in secrecy. A Gothic fortress with giant stories, and a subtropical setting.

Enjoying Old-Fashioned Family Fun Time in Suffolk

Who doesn’t love Suffolk? Suffolk promises serenity, sandy beaches, wildlife and spectacular scenery. Suffolk is one of the UK’s sunniest and driest counties. Strap your shoes and head for a walk around Walberswick beach’s golden sand dunes. The coastline of the area remains relatively unaffected by construction, so you can find several beaches as safe and untouched as those of Suffolk.

The beaches at Lowestoft and Southwold both received the prestigious blue flag prize, so it’s easy to find spots of real solitude. That is not to suggest there are no amusements. Southwold’s famed pier has a fair share of amusements, and its putting greens and boating ponds make it a perfect family place.

Visit idyllic lakes, gaze at the broad open sky, and see some of the rarest species in Britain. The broads national park has more than 200km of navigable waterways, more than a fifth of UK’s rarest species, large reed beds, magnificent windmills, ancient monasteries and so many much to enjoy.

Norfolk and Suffolk’s beautiful parks and peaceful country roads deliver some truly calming walking and riding.

Why are many Artists Drawn to Yorkshire?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park unites stunning pieces of sculpture with Yorkshire’s lush landscape to create an immersive art environment. A world-class range in a natural environment that calms down. Its magnificent peaks, stone settlements, calcareous crags, pavements and a maze of cellars, not to mention a vibrant agricultural history, the Yorkshire Dales National Park genuinely shows the best of British farmland.

Extensive footpaths and bridleways provide running, hiking and walking with all talents, from easy hikes through the undulating landscape to the stunning Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough Three Peaks. For the English National Park Experience Series, you will even dive further into the farming practices of the area, and witness a day in the life of a local farmer.

Tucked away in a picturesque river valley just outside Ripon in North Yorkshire, the fountains abbey is a world heritage site and a medieval majestic image. This was once a sprawling Cirstercian temple, which is still one of England’s highest and best known ruins. There is a lot more here than just an abbey – on the same estate you can discover studley royal’s calming georgian water gardens.

In the beautiful moon ponds, surrounded by lush green forests, you may have a picnic or take some time to think. Go for a walk around the studley royal deer park and hold your eyes open for the property’s 3 distinct forms of deer.

Walk and Cycle your way Around Norfolk

Explore idyllic rivers, look at the broad open sky and see some of the UK’s rarest species. The Broads National Park has more than 200 km of navigable waterways, more than a fifth of UK’s rarest species, large reed beds, magnificent windmills, historic monasteries and much to appreciate. Norfolk and Suffolk’s beautiful parks and peaceful country roads deliver some truly calming walking and riding.

Holkham Bay, Britain’s best-elected resort, is situated on the Norfolk coast. The stunning coastline of Norfolk spans 90 miles providing plenty of pristine sandy beaches to pick from. Across the UK, the earliest signs of development have been in Norfolk! Find dinosaurs and elephant bones, going back almost a million years ago in the deep coast of Norfolk’s past. Considered to be the UK’s bird-watching hub because of its spectacular birdlife variety and magnificent nature reserves.

Pick from a number of year-round seasonal trips, and engage in a day of direct nature and wildlife watching. Sandringham House in Norfolk is one of the beloved residences of the Queen, and where she and her guests chose to spend Christmas. Sandringham has been the private residence of four generations of monarchs since 1862 and was once described as ‘England’s most luxurious house. ‘

You will see for yourself that from April to November the building, gardens and museum are accessible to the public.

Striking Scenery of Devon at a Glance

Sunny Devon is all about surfing-ready waves, fresh crab sandwiches on the beach, wild hiking and leisurely walking down coastal paths. Experience the natural scenery of the 2 national parks of the county – Dartmoor and Exmoor – on foot, horseback, or even by llama. Do you know? Devon’s shore receives more hours of daylight on the UK mainland than everywhere else, prompting the ‘English Riviera’ label.

Drink in the cool spring breeze while walking one of the many first-class beaches in the area and spy on a diverse blend of animals when discovering the great outdoors, or dive into a range of galleries, museums and restaurants.

Best Beaches to Visit During a Weekend Break in the UK

England’s finest beaches are spread throughout the country and will go head to head with some sunnier environments of Europe during the end of summer. For peace of mind, the Blue Flag distinction has been given to all the beaches on this list for their cleanliness and climate protection.

Picking Pebble's in Whitstable Beach

It’s not sandy but the pebble beach in this nice town backed by stripy beach huts always ranks as one of the best seaside spots in Britain. The stones can be rough on the feet but the water is gorgeous – so it’s win-win for those who don’t want sand in their shoes. The area is getting increasingly clever by the day (the annual oyster festival attracts the crowds), and there are loads of small shops and cafés to plunge into whenever it rains.

Desert Experience in Camber Sands

Camber Sands is so deep and golden that you are going to be transported to other shores. This Arabian-looking beach has previously been used for many desert movie locations, including ‘Carry On Follow The Camel. ‘The sandy beach extends for almost five miles, until it begins to shingle at the east end.

Dogs on a lead are permitted on the beach but from May to september there are restricted areas.

Aquatic Scenes in Watergate Way

Two miles of sandy sand backed by cliffs and caves, where the Atlantic swells deliver strong waves and peregrine falcons, gulls and fulmars spin overhead. Spot anemones of strawberry and crabs in the rock pools, stroll around the clifftop.

Enjoy Surfing in Woolacombe Beach

North Devon’s Woolacombe beach extends on for many miles, making plenty of space for beach sports or sunbathing on its golden beaches. The shallow shoreline and the crashing waves make it a famous surf location. Instead, you might go kayaking or jet skiing down the coast on calmer days.

Pelistry bay isles of scilly

This reef is one of the finest secret treasures in Britain. You can consider the abandoned beach during the holidays due to its isolated position on the eastern shore of St. Mary’s. Bask in the beautiful blue waters around the Islands, then swim out at low tide to Toll’s Island.

Fistral Beach Cornwall

Well established as England’s best surfing beach, Fistral Beach feels secluded and calm, but it’s only a few miles from the famous seaside resort, Newquay. This beach is made of light sand and rocky hills. At times the swells are incredibly high – which draws tons of weekend surfers – but for peace of mind there is a lifeguard platform.

At the other end of Fistral Beach, a selection of restaurants and bars make it a nice spot for a meal and a couple beers. The Headland Hotel and Spa looks out on the water, with an especially fine view.

Kayaking in Bournemouth Dorset

Bournemouth has one of England’s finest beaches, extending broad and gentle golden sands for 7 award-winning miles. The English Channel is not renowned for its temperature, but it is lucky enough that Bournemouth has a microclimate that produces some of the warmest waters in the UK. There are lots to do on beach trips, including kayaking and paddleboarding, and Bournemouth pier features creative amusements such as a zip line and climbing wall. The outcome is a friendly, beach resort with a vibrant beat.

Take a Walk Around Botany Bay kent

Located along a scenic coastal footpath (notably the Viking Coastal Bicycle Route), Botany Bay is well known for its spectacular chalk towers. Combine your outing with a visit to Margate’s Turner Contemporary – a 10-minute drive north – for the ultimate day out. A huge, sandy beach with sweeping sand dunes, Holkham is both spectacularly stunning and beautifully unchanged.

Drop into the cosy Victoria Inn for lunch before visiting the 9,000 acre Holkham Nature Reserve, lined with salt marshes and pine forests, when you’ve had your fix of lazing in the sunlight.  

Exotic Parks to Visit for Weekend Breaks in the UK

Quest for a holiday park firmly rooted in the countryside or situated by the coast’s rugged cliffs? Would it sound like a fantasy to drive a car to a remote place, or do you have little ones and you would want a break closer to home? We’ve presented you with a rundown of UK’s finest parks you can enjoy over a weekend break.

Do you Want to Experience the 85-acre Water Ski Pool at Tattershall Lakes Country Park?

Nestled in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Lincolnshire, this glistening Lakeland beauty is one of the best attractions in Lincolnshire. Home to welcoming workers, spectacular parks, and more than just its fair share of stunning waters capes, and a broad range of opportunities to make the most of summer, it’s a spot for everybody.

The main draw among anyone with a passion for fun is the breathtaking 85-acre water ski pool at the Tattershall, and 45-acre jet ski area. What does sitting back in a luscious lakeside hot tub look for those who are more relaxed at the sidelines? Or, the park’s vast fishing lakes offer an unrivaled refuge from life for an afternoon of absolute tranquillity.

Stunning Sea View at Devon Cliffs Holiday Park

A peaceful paradise located high on the Devon cliffs; this beautiful holiday park features breathtaking sea views, excellent amenities and plenty of fun family entertainment. An enclosed indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an aerial obstacle course, an indoor bowling alley, an action golf course, and even more, you’ll all be spoilt for options on what to do next.

What’s more, only three miles away you’ll have spectacular stretches of sandy beaches and the lovely South Devon scenery right at your doorstep. That is to suggest there would be plenty of chances to go out and spend time with nature. The beautiful seaside town of Exmouth is just on the doorstep for anyone searching for a bit of entertainment.

Lovers of history would want to travel to the historic cathedral town of Exeter, which is just 30 minutes drive. And, if you’re trying to hold the kids entertained elsewhere, woodlands family amusement park and crealy adventure park are both close by.

Test your Golfing Skills in Craig Tara Holiday Park

Located among the rolling Ayrshire cliffs, on the scenic west coast of Scotland, a journey to Craig Tara Holiday Park promises to be an action-packed experience for the entire family. Through the warmth of your luxurious caravan or condo, appreciate the breathtaking country and sea views. The accommodation at Craig Tara is second to none in comfort, decorated to a high standard and convenient to all the action.

There’ll never be a boring moment with plenty of activities to do both inside the park and the local city. The park offers a great variety of family fun events. There’s plenty to do here for kids and grown-ups alike, from the brand new lighthouse harbor activity village and splashaway bay to the 9-hole golf course.

Trecco Bay Holiday Park

Sat on the southern shores of Wales, the sunniest coastal area in the world, this beautiful beach and caravan holiday park definitely knew how to keep families happy. While one of Europe’s largest holiday parks, this luxurious lodge always bursts on the seams with fun events, unmissable entertainment and top-notch accommodation.

The stunning beach spot has been called one of Britain’s best family vacations by the daily mirror and one of Europe’s finest by the daily star, among several other accolades. It has received five straight blue flag and seaside honors for their pristine strips of beach. Yet, even though it wasn’t enough, the three-time owner of UK’s best camping and mobile home holiday business does it.

Sandy Balls Holiday Village

This is the ideal holiday place for children, couples or buddies. Relax in the peaceful scenery of the woodland, away from the demands of daily life and take the time to reconnect with nature and each other. If you’re the kind of explorer, then Sandy Balls holiday village would certainly not disappoint you.

In the holiday park itself there are loads of fun activities to play – such as forest laser tag, forest segway, and archery – so kids (and enthusiastic grown-ups) are kept amused.

Visit Golden Sands Rhyl with your Family

Located right next to the shore, the award-winning caravan park golden Sands Rhyl is a perfect family holiday place. Close the seaside town of Rhyl and a quick drive from Snowdonia National Park, this is the ideal spot from which to visit North Wales. For an impressive variety of services and events on-site, there will still be plenty at Golden Sands Rhyl to hold you entertained.

The family entertainment plan helps both of you to have fun together, whilst the entertainment system for children can offer a well-deserved afternoon off to busy parents.

Seaside Experience in Ilfracombe Holiday Park

Looking to discover a new favourite holiday place for your family? Ilfracombe Holiday Park, nestled in North Devon, a short walk from the beach and Aragonite Bay, is the concept of a family-friendly seaside holiday. Ideally situated a quick walk from the beautiful ilfracombe coast and the bustling city center (home to the notorious variety of damien hurst), booking accommodation here implies having all the region has to offer at your disposal.

Hemsby Beach Holiday Park

Nestled within one of Norfolk’s most picturesque seaside towns, Hemsby Beach is an unbeatable venue for caravans and holiday parks. At the closest sandy spot only 350 yards inland, it’s very much a beach resort, with a selection of hotels and beautiful holiday cottages ready to book close by.

Hemsby Beach Holiday Park was undergoing major reconstruction in 2018, and the luxurious resort already offers a number of entirely new amenities and services. You will experience the complete range of classically British seaside entertainment here, as well as try out one of Britain’s oldest roller coasters.